Technique of education of children of independence

Most often parents think about the independence of their own child from the moment when he starts school.But if you begin to educate children before independence, we can achieve great success.

Before discussing education of independence in children, it is necessary to define what independence.As a rule, this word meant "human ability to personally manage and dispose of their own lives without assistance";"The ability to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions," and so on.But these definitions are not very suitable for small children, but they also may be some life skills.For young children it is more about the following definition of independence: "the ability to take yourself, the ability to do something for some time without the help of adults."

According to many experts, for independence means the following:

  • ability to perform usual business without the control of adults and recourse;
  • ability to act on their own initiative and ignore the need for their pre
    sence in different circumstances;
  • elementary ability to control yourself and to give the results of self-assessment activities;
  • ability to carry the known methods of action in the new conditions.

independence in children develops gradually, and begin the process early enough.

education methods independence in young children

bring up independence in young children can be as follows:

  • Do not do for the child what he can do himself.If the child has already learned, for example, to dress, or eat without help parents provide him the opportunity to do it yourself.Of course, you put the baby faster and be able to feed him, do not stain your clothes, but in this case you will interfere with the development of its independence.
  • Help your child only if he so requests.Do not interfere in its activities if it you did not ask.Of course, adults better understand how to do this or that action, but it is necessary to give the child the opportunity to find a solution on their own.Of course, if your child is doing something that would be dangerous for him, you must protect him from that, even if he did not ask.
  • strongly encourages the desire for independence of the child.At an early age children are often repeated: "I did!".Within reason not to let him attempt to independent action.Give your child the opportunity to try their hand.The child wants to wash the floor - give him a rag and a bucket.Want to wash your handkerchief - let him do it.Here, the end result is not important.Supports and endorses the actions of the child, and in no case did not taunt him, if he has something does not work, and explain where the error and how to fix it was made.

independence of Education at pre-school age children in the education

independence in preschool children is important as follows:

  • At this age a child can already provide a choice, he now wears.You can help him by explaining how to choose clothes for the weather and so on.You can also make purchases in the store with your child and take account of their choice.
  • Encourage your child to think that for him, as for the rest of the family, there are certain rules and standards of conduct to be followed.To do this, secure the child some simple instructions, for example, that he removes his corner with toys, watering plants or help in caring for the pet.
  • independence in education for children also includes the formation of a child's ability to independently find something to do and a certain time to deal with it, without involving adults.
  • does not protect the child from the problems that arise after its actions or inactions.

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