Some secrets of raising a child 5 years

Parenting a child 5 years old has some peculiarities.First of all, at this age, the baby produces a certain pattern of behavior.The child already knows a lot and is able to, but his memory is still very scattered.Parents have to constantly remind him that he should wash their hands, brush your teeth in the morning, clean toys, lay a bed, and others. In fact, the parents here should have a lot of patience, and gradually develop into a baby these successive steps.

often these reminders are accompanied by a child's reluctance to perform certain actions that entail disputes and bickering.This does not mean that your child is too stubborn nature, just at this age bickering and stubbornness characteristic of almost all children.

The child of 5-6 years the education should also take into account the difference in views on the life of adults and children.Adults are able to compare the act itself and the consequences that it may entail, and children live in the moment and are not able to analyze situations.It

is this difference in the life positions often leads to confrontation between adults and children.

Raising a child 5 years: communication

When raising a child 5-7 years of age must be taken into account especially his conduct in society.At this age, the baby already adapted, and society is the family, a group in the garden, and friends with whom he was walking in the yard or on the playground.

kid 5 years old is not afraid to make contact, to express their desire to ask or thank for something, I am able to share toys with friends.This is what is called communication skills.

Sometimes you can see that some children of this age are aggressive towards others.Parents have to pay attention to it and try to figure out the cause.It is necessary to talk to the baby and try to explain to him that the fight - it is bad.

However, this situation is not the issue when you want to give someone a date.It is important to teach a child to hit back, especially boys.

Raising a child 5 years of age: the punishment and encouragement

Rarely Children 5-6 years old can do without punishment.Although the physical and psychological impact on the child is condemned by modern society, a viable alternative to these methods is still, unfortunately, we did not come up.It is necessary to punish the child correctly.In no case do not scold him for his antics.In this case, I will have to repeatedly explain to your child that his actions cause people discomfort and could have undesirable effects.And just in case your baby after a few of these explanations did not listen to you, then you can resort to punishment.

goes punishment can be both psychological and physical.

to psychological punishment may include unwillingness to communicate with a child when he is speaking to you.This can be explained as follows: "you're not listening to me, so why should I listen to you?".As a rule, this is a very effective way and the child is committed yourself to get in touch.

second option psychological punishment used in upbringing of the child of 5-7 years, can be a ban or restriction of watching cartoons or playing games on the computer.

The physical punishment techniques include restriction of the freedom of the child (to put a baby in a corner) or corporal punishment (whip, belt).It should be noted that the latter form of corporal punishment should be used rarely and only in exceptional cases.

Sometimes a child may be too indulge in consequence of the scattered attention and fatigue.In this case, the baby should not be punished, but should be reviewed daily routine and give him more time to rest.

Raising a child does not bring a positive effect, if the penalty is inappropriate behavior, or self punishment process is wrong.In no case can not be delayed penalty.The child quickly forgets his actions and then just be able to understand, but for what he is punished.

Also, do not throw away empty threats, or your child very quickly cease to respond to them at all.

Very often children are punished for lying.But this is not entirely correct.The children are very well developed imagination, and sometimes they just confuse reality and fiction.Adults are hard to understand their children due to the fact that the burden of problems makes them think of a touchdown.In no case do not tell your child that he is a liar, just tell me what he imagines or invents.If you see that a child is cheating on you on purpose, it is necessary to explain it in an accessible example of the consequences of the lie.

Raising a child 5-7 years old can not do without reward.This may be the usual words of praise addressed to the child or the variety of gifts for good behavior.However, psychologists do not recommend rewarding kids too smart gifts.Perfectly fit different accessories for drawing, modeling, designers, puzzles, etc.

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