Development , training and education of the child 7 years

Education 7-year-old child should be built on learning, communicating and playing.During the game, children learn to live in a society, interact with others, to implement their knowledge, skills and abilities.Children 7-10 years requires regular and obligatory praise.The child should be praised, when he gets something, and help him, when there are difficulties in communicating and learning.During this period, parents should create a child the right attitude towards schoolwork.When bringing up 7-year-old child's parents should make every effort to deliver the baby from fear of school and set it positively.

Features of raising a child 7 years

When upbringing 7-year-old child should be sure to include exercises and games that develop mindfulness, vision and hearing.With a child you can sculpt and paint, play "spoiled phone".These games are well develop hearing, intelligence and fine motor skills of your baby's hands.However, when planning enriching lessons parents should be aware that a child needs to c

onstantly change activities.Children at this age get tired quickly, performing the same task.

When the training and education of school-age children, there are many new responsibilities, so it is crucial to teach them to discipline, to set strict and clear mode of the day.With this approach to the education of 7-year-old child will become more organized, it will be easier to cope with new responsibilities.

If the child does not attend kindergarten or another pre-school, the parents should pay special attention to adaptation.These children are much more difficult to get accustomed to a new team.They do not understand most of what is necessary to listen to the teacher carefully.Children struggle to find a common language with their classmates and peers.

The full development and upbringing of a 7-year-old child is only possible in a team.Only in the collective psychology of children is formed correctly.Only in the school the child will learn to evaluate their own decisions and actions, understand the seriousness of the responsibilities assigned to it.

responsibility in the education of children of 7-10 years

Children 7-10 years - quite a difficult task for parents.After all, this is a very important period of the formation of a new identity.In this step, the load on the child significantly redistributed.Parents should be sure to take into account the psychology of children.

responsibility of parents in the education of children of school age is the proper organization of the child's daily regimen.Kid easily be reconstructed, will get used to the new responsibilities, it will be involved in the educational process.

At the beginning of the school year have grown yourself completely build process activity baby (to determine time to prepare lessons, set the time to visit the clubs, socializing with friends, at home care).

In drawing up the daily routine with alternating training load and rest the physiological characteristics of the child should be taken into account.This allowed reasonable adjustments and changes in the duration and number of sessions.However, the overall repeatability of action should be maintained.

In education 7-year-old child special attention should be paid to his physical development.During sports child learns to overcome laziness, inertia, fatigue.The kid will learn to set concrete goals and achieve them.A well-chosen exercise will help to teach your child self-control and self-discipline.

Labor Children 7 years

When 7-year-old education of the child is very important to gradually transfer his responsibility for the implementation of some specific work in the household.

At the beginning of a new job a child can do with my mother.For example, a mother can take the child by the hand and stand with him trash.After some time, the child can release one, when he has mastered and remember the way.Labor obligations schoolboy at home are of great importance in education.Such obligations are taught self discipline and form skills.During this period, parents should maintain enough flexibility to himself in relation to the child.They should take into account that the baby has grown up, very important for him to have any setbacks and successes.Parents need to be sensitive to all manifestations of personal development of the child.And if a reasonable acceptance and understanding of the child by the parents is not present, a nice touch in the family can be broken.

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