Children with developmental disorders - correction exercises

number of children with developmental disorders is growing steadily.Currently, about 4.5% of the total number of children living in Russia, refers to persons with disabilities.There are a number of reasons: the destabilization of individual families and society as a whole, in some cases, the lack of normal conditions for mothers and their children.Out of ten babies only two indicators of physical and mental health are normal.

categories of children with disabilities in

development in children with developmental disorders occurs abnormality of mental functions due to congenital or acquired lesions of the musculoskeletal system, organs of speech, hearing and vision or because of failure of the central nervous system.

There are several categories of children with such disabilities:

  • with visual impairments;
  • hearing impaired;
  • with speech disorders;With
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • with behavior problems;
  • With Impaired emotional and volitional;
  • mentally retarded children;
  • with mental retardation;
  • with complex disabilities.

Disturbances in mental development in children are caused by two groups of factors - biological and social.Biological factors are: various pathologies of pregnancy and childbirth, infections, traumatic brain injury, metabolic disorders, neurosurgical diseases, intoxication in the first years of life.The social factors include trauma, aggression towards the child, lack of communication with him.

Any deviations, especially in children with complex developmental disorders require correction and timely prevention, as it further social adaptation of the child depends on these actions.

prevention of disorders in children

major role in the prevention of developmental disorders in children of different age plays a complex system of prevention.Regular consultations and check-ups at the pediatrician are the first priority.The second - the care of the parents, who are required to learn how to check basic psychomotor reaction of the child to the first possible bias in his mind did not remain without attention.

pediatricians, child psychologists, speech therapists and speech pathologists can determine the status of the child's mental development.Accurate diagnosis and category of violations set through diagnostic surveys.Prevention of violations is to use a special medical, social, psychological and educational child's test procedures.

to the mental development of the baby proceeded correctly and without disabilities, parents should use positive correction space in which the child can develop logic thinking, learn and acquire new skills.

An important factor in the prevention of violations is to hold medical and pedagogical consultations expectant mother during pregnancy and the observance of safety.

Therefore, effective prevention includes:

  • lack of physical and mental trauma her mother during pregnancy;
  • favorable environment for the baby;
  • absence of conflict in the family.

correction of mental development disorders

The correction of developmental disorders in children are involved specialists in different fields: neurologists, pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, psychiatrists and speech pathologists.From the interaction of these professionals, as well as the methods of their choice depends on the effectiveness of the treatment of children with disabilities in mental development.Before choosing a specific technique the doctor diagnoses the cause of developmental disabilities and type.

Drug treatment is based on immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective and cardiovascular agents.Additionally, Vitamins may apply.

children with complex disabilities rehabilitation appoint the following: sensory exercises, correction of psychological, speech therapy type correction, relaxation exercises, physiotherapy and exercise, physical therapy.

One of the important stages of development is a correction of an individual educational program for the child.It is developed by educators and psychologists and is based on art, dance and music classes.Also, it contains special intellectual exercises.

for full and effective correction of mental development disorders need to combine all aspects of treatment - medication, rehabilitation and individual training programs.

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