Social adaptation of orphans - difficulties , assistance

adaptation of orphans affected by the problems of their active adaptation to life in a children's home or foster family.Every year the number of abandoned children has been steadily increasing, and this problem was of particular relevance.

adaptation child in the orphanage

Orphanage - a public institution, which is to replace the child family to its age.With the help of teachers, children learn to adapt to social life, in which they will enter after they turn 18 years old.

Social adaptation of orphans is the assimilation of values ​​and norms of the society in which they live.Manifestations of adaptation is in the interaction of children abandoned by their parents, with the world and in their activity.

When people talk about social adaptation of orphans usually understand by this complex set of pedagogical and educational measures.In fact, this process takes place every child in the course of its development.

child's adaptation to a children's home is one of the components of social protection.It

involves the development of its own role in the system of social relations.This is achieved by forming a housekeeping skills, self-employment skills.

are the following stages of adaptation of children in the orphanage:

  • Preparatory - from the moment of inclusion in a social group, it is associated with a social diagnosis, determination of status, becoming familiar with the personal characteristics of the pupil;
  • Inclusion in the social group - it involves assistance in adapting to the conditions of the children's home;
  • Assimilation roles through participation in various activities with the accumulation of experience, new knowledge and skills;
  • Sustainable adapted condition where children can solve almost any problem that arises in their natural environment conditions.

adaptation of adopted children in the family

Adaptation foster children takes place at all different.The determining factors are important such as:

  • Age entering the orphanage or children's home;
  • presence or absence of previous experience of living in a family environment.

adaptation of orphans depends on the attitudes of other family members.It is desirable that all belonged to the adopted child exactly, without acrimony, initially required a lot of patience and effort.Such children tend to prefer someone one, showing him warm feelings more than other family members.

The older the age, the more difficult it is an adaptation of orphaned children in the family.There is especially hard during adolescence, when foster children are added to the difficulties of adaptation to the usual teenage problems.At this time, these children may criticize the adoptive parents, blaming them for their troubles and a bad mood, but then usually have difficulty in communicating with peers and first love.

difficulties of orphans in life

According to statistics, only 10% of graduates of children's homes have successfully adapted to the real life in society.In 90% of them have difficulties in a particular aspect of interaction in society.

most common difficulties experienced by former orphans:

  • Expecting them someone else will take care of, hope for help from the;
  • undeveloped due regard to employment, the lack of meaningful interest in the work;
  • lack of sufficient experience of responsibility;
  • Distorted ideas about family and life in it;
  • Insufficient skills of self-presentation related to the inability to take care of their appearance;
  • inability to correctly and clearly express their thoughts;
  • financial ignorance, irresponsible attitude towards money, inability to plan their spending;
  • Justice and legal illiteracy;
  • Information poverty of mind because isolation and the limited conditions of the orphanage, and others.

All of these ordinary kids get knowledge of course, living in a family environment.Due to the lack of self-orphaned children are often unable to choose a school for skills development and work on low-skilled jobs.The task of teachers and foster parents - to ensure the most safe and painless adaptation of orphans.

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