Forms of education of children - the classification , particularly

Under the form of raising children understand the prevailing image of the interaction between the teacher and the children.It is characterized by a combination of tools and techniques that all teachers are different and define the personality and uniqueness of the educational process.

Classification forms of education of preschool children

Education - is a set of techniques, methods and forms of interaction of the teacher with children.The form of education of children depends on the content, objectives, methods and causes the incarnation of ideas conceived in a particular case.Specific pedagogical situation determines the shape of the interaction.Classification of forms of education is built on the basis of a single defining trait.

By the number of participants in the process are the following forms of education:

  • Group - several participants in direct contact with each other (for example - a circle, a group of preschool kindergarten);
  • Individual - two members: the teacher and the child (convers
    ation classes);
  • Mass - a large number of participants, including teachers (for example, several kindergartens, region, the whole country carried out activities in the form of marches, festivals, conferences, etc.).

Forms of education of children on the main activity:

  • Cognitive;
  • Physical well-being;
  • Labour;
  • Community Service;
  • Aesthetic;
  • Value-orientation.

forms of education of children on the effects of the method can be divided into:

  • practical - in the form of campaigns, competitions, Subbotniks, excursions, etc.;
  • Verbal - fees, meetings, conferences, rulers, radio magazines, etc.;
  • Visual -. Exhibitions, showcases, wall newspapers, stands, museums, etc.

teacher can affect preschool experience, word, game, performance, or psychological exercises.

forms of physical education of children

Physical education - a very important component of a child's development.Physical education strengthens the health of children, and through physical activity can achieve educational goals.

forms of physical training of preschool children can be divided into:

  • Fizkultminutki between classes;
  • morning exercises;
  • outdoor activities while walking;
  • Outdoor games;
  • Hardening, combined with exercise;
  • individual work with the child;
  • Organized child self-employment;
  • Active Life preschoolers;
  • Excursions and hiking.

Any form of education of preschool children pursues several goals - to strengthen their musculoskeletal system and make stronger, learn to follow the instructions of the teacher.The beneficial effects of exercise also has the speed of thought to the work of children, improving their memory, imagination, attention and coordination.

form and content of physical education exercises are interrelated.If you want to carry out educational activities with elements of physical exercises, it is best to do this in class during a walk in the fresh air.

important component of physical training classes in accordance with the peculiarities of psychological development of the child at this age, as well as his ability to perform certain types of exercises.

Children interested in exciting and fun exercise, and positive emotions - a basic condition for the education of their movements.Interest increases physical activity, even in inactive and inert children.It is important to use in the classroom exercise those forms of education that will be of interest to preschoolers.

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