Pedagogical training methods - types , features

All variety of teaching methods of training and education can be divided into two categories - assessing human activity and motivate to action.The first group includes all sorts of censure, and encourage, while the second - the motivation and conviction.

belief as a method of education in the pedagogical process

world practice allows to regard belief as a major civilized pedagogical method of education.Its essence lies in clarifying the impact of words and deeds on the minds of students.Persuasion provides them with valuable humanistic quality.To

conviction was successful, it will need to comply with several conditions:

  • Any words must be backed up by the case;
  • himself instructor should be confident in their own position and point of view, otherwise it is bound to be convicted of falsehood;
  • Mentor should possess the art of oratory, be able to carry on a conversation and controversy: his thoughts and it must be accurate and generate interest;
  • The pupil should be encouraged to work;for this they
    demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of their behavior and create conditions for the realization of true deeds, celebrate and encourage positive actions, create a sense of camaraderie and humility.

Motivation as a pedagogical method of education

Motivation puts the pupil in such a framework of behavior that are approved by the company.The essence of the pedagogical method of education consists in targeting the desired personality to society activity.As a form of motivation can be considered any methods of interaction between teacher and pupils.In particular, it can be an order - are the means of management and organization, the basis of cooperation within the team.

Promotion and censure

Performance assessment is an integral part of everyday educational practice.For her, using such methods as a pedagogical education and the promotion of censure.Proper promotion - a good motivator and a strong factor to unite the team.It is one of the pillars of the educational system and can take many forms - a reward, a pat on the shoulder, friendly handshake.

Promotion - an objective requirement of the person who has made an effort towards goal.It reflects an assessment of these efforts as positive.At the same time, the promotion of the teaching method of education must meet certain requirements:

  • Evaluate real and concrete achievements;
  • can not be used as "payment" for a simple adequate human behavior;
  • be timely and public.

Censure as a pedagogical method of education is a response to a negative act.It brings in a person's will and responsibility, it generates a strong character.Censure may, for example, take the form of disapproving comment about this act.Introducing censure also need to adhere to certain rules:

  • decried only a specific act;
  • sedately censure assessed individually, taking into account the seriousness of the offense and the individual characteristics of the pupil;
  • form decried statements should not contain irritation;
  • Censure should be timely and always realized;
  • a misdemeanor can not be a cause of censure collective.

Pedagogical training methods are not an end in itself, but is a way of achieving the objectives of mentor and develop at pupils of a given quality.If the traditional methods do not bring any results, the task of the teacher to find other ways appropriate for your particular situation.

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