Charge for children from 5 to 10 years

benefits of morning exercise for growing large.It promotes harmonious growth and development of the child.Morning exercises for children 5 years old should be done daily for 15-30 minutes before or after 1-1,5 hours after a meal in a well-ventilated room.Duration studies usually does not exceed 15 minutes.

During summer morning gymnastics a better deal in the fresh air.Parents should take with mats for exercises, performed in sitting or lying position.The standard exercises can add jogging short distances.Clothes for practicing better to choose loose-fitting made from natural materials and without tight elastic bands.If classes are held at home, on your feet, wear cotton socks when outdoors - cloth or leather shoes Gym shoes.

Charge for children 5 years old do better to rhythmic music, which will not only help your child to wake up from a dream, but also lift your spirits.At the end of charging can offer the child a little impromptu dance, which can increase his interest in the morning classes.For mus

ical accompaniment ideal of his favorite songs from the cartoons.In this case it is best to choose the music for the sessions with the baby.Charging children 10 years may well have to do yourself.

Charge for children 5 years and older: practical advice

In order for a child to be healthy, it needs to instill a love of healthy lifestyles from an early childhood.Begin to engage in morning exercises with a child can be from the moment he starts to walk.Parents, supporting pen for the baby, can help him perform these simple exercises like pull-ups, sit-ups and jumping in place.

At the age of 4-5 years, the child may well have to perform charging components independently, exercise should not be too heavy, and the duration of morning exercises should not exceed 7-8 minutes, whereas, for example, the time charge for children 10 years old canup to 20 minutes.

Parents should engage in charge with the child.Only by example they can develop in a child to engage in the habit of morning exercises.This time together will have a positive impact on the relationship between parents and children.It is important to remember that the charge is only a way to "turn on" the body after waking up, not a full-fledged training - on fixing the load can not be and speech exercises should be easy to follow, and the child must feel comfortable and benefit from lessons fun.Benefits of charge for children 6 years and older are usually visible after a few sessions - the child becomes more cheerful, normal sleep and appetite, improves health and mood, many point out that the students' academic performance increases.

Charge for children 7 years and older need for versatile development of the child, the formation of strong-willed character, leadership qualities, its action is aimed at the production of endurance.As a result, many parents watch their children become more organized and responsible.

Another indisputable fact, speaking about the benefits of charge for children 5 years and older, is generated during exercise proper breathing.During the lessons the child should not hold their breath, and performed with rhythmic movements to the beat of breathing allows to increase the depth of inhalation.This improves the supply of oxygen to the brain, thus improving the state of health of the child, his memory becomes more flexible, improves concentration of attention, and as a whole it becomes more conscious.

Most contraindications to perform morning exercises there.Sometimes it may be added to the complex exercises required to correct this or that disease.Perform charging for children 6 years and older promotes a correct posture and development of the child's musculoskeletal system, which is especially necessary with increasing loads associated with schooling.

Charge for children 5 years and older: exercise

So, by going directly to the exercises performed during charging, it should be noted that the charge for children 5 years will be very different from the charge for older childrenage:

  • Charging for preschoolers often occurs in the form of a game;
  • Exercises should be performed under the supervision of their parents;
  • Morning complex should consist only of simple and easy exercises.

The use of additional sports equipment is still too early to say, while the exercises performed during charging for children 9 years old, is already quite possible to do using the weighting weighing half a kilo.Moreover, in this age the child is ready to self-fulfillment of the complex of the morning.

Charge for children 5-6 years old baby can be represented in the form of games, "Sports Zoo", in which the animals are preparing for sports competition.Initially, parents offer the child jump with bunnies or squirrels, then on all fours like a bear, stretch out on the toes with their hands up as a giraffe and so on.Include fantasy, simple exercise turned into an exciting game.The main thing to remember that the duration of the charge for children 5 years old should not exceed 7-8 minutes a day.

Charge for children 7 years carried out an average of 10 minutes a day.It must begin with a little warm-up, for which suitable rotation of the head, pulling up with arms extended up and to the side, squatting and jumping.After the warm-up should be running in place, or if the dimensions allow room, on the perimeter, after which a child can do a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs, arms, back and press.

charging time for children 8 years increased to 12-15 minutes.By the usual child exercises safely, you can add a banner, you can do a bridge and other gymnastic elements if desired.As the charge for children 8 years old may well act as a morning jog in the fresh air, which is particularly relevant when a family has a dog.

Charge for children 9 years lasts for 15-20 minutes, the number of repetitions increases and the exercises themselves are becoming more diverse and complex.Moreover, in this age, the child is already quite capable of doing morning exercises on their own.Children who from an early age accustomed to the morning gymnastics will faithfully perform all the exercises on their own to pick up new members and increase the charging time.Parents who, in spite of the age of the child, still want to do with the charging should take into account that girls at this age are more inclined to different dance elements, and boys are more likely to be the same to carry out elements of boxing and karate.

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