Mental parenting - techniques , particularly

Preschool children quite quickly form his speech, accumulate the necessary knowledge and experience, master the techniques of mental activity.However, the mental education of children is not only to give children the maximum amount of information about the world around him, as well as the huge role played by development and consolidation methods of cognitive activity, including the ability to evaluate, compare, summarize and analyze.

Features mental parenting

All progressive educators believe the optimal period for mental training and development of the preschool period.This is confirmed by many studies, according to which, this time, it is necessary to maximize the comprehensive development and adaptation to the life.

The main feature of this period is the predominance in the mind of the child shaped forms, namely:

  • Perception;
  • imaginative thinking;
  • Imagination.

Preschool children are characterized by inquisitiveness, curiosity, the desire to know the unknown and the replenishment of existing

knowledge.Therefore it is very important, based on knowledge of modern psychology, to prepare the child for school.

Tasks intellectual upbringing and development of children

The main objectives of education and mental development of children is the creation of the necessary conditions for the transition from visual to abstract-logical forms of thinking.To do this, you must first activate the visual-figurative and visual-active thinking, facilitated object-practical activity.The ability to solve intellectual problems by means of experimentation in the process of object-practical activity is the main characteristic of the visual-active thinking.

The problem of mental education of children is not only to master the ability to thinking activity and knowledge of the system, but also the formation of personal qualities.This occurs as a result of gaming activities subject, aimed at familiarization with the surrounding reality, the formation of speech and mathematical concepts.

In addition, the problem of mental education of preschool children is not only to teach the child to understand the task entrusted to him, but also to choose methods and means to address it with the subsequent test results.

Methods mental parenting

Leading educators today have come to believe that the intellectual education of preschool children can significantly facilitate learning in school.This is facilitated by the ability to use completely different methods in comparison with schooling, in which great importance is given visual techniques and gaming devices.For the development of mental abilities and learning new material kindergartener or early development center should offer to perform various tasks - painting, sculpture, design.

In addition, methods of mental education of children should be directed to the fulfillment of the objectives before the teacher, including:

  • development of mental activity;
  • Sensory education;
  • speech Formation.

Depending on the goal selected and the appropriate technique.Development and formation of speech directed to the development of sound culture of speech, vocabulary enrichment and the formation of the grammatical structure.Depending on age can be used for this purpose various teaching materials, finger and mobile games.Formation of speech is necessary to develop the skills to express their thoughts, the ability to listen to the interlocutor and hold the subject.

methods of mental training of children for the development of mental activity also varied and are defined as the age and psychological characteristics of the child.To do this most commonly used game environment in which the baby can most easily grasp the necessary knowledge and acquire skills.In developing training synthesized elements of the game, cognitive, academic and exploratory interaction.It is also necessary to encourage a variety of child's self-employment and encourage his interest in the acquisition of knowledge about the world.

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