Cheerful charge for children under the music

Raising a healthy baby - one of the main tasks of the parents.To this end, it is important not only proper nutrition, but also enough exercise, which will ensure the child's development.

necessity of morning exercises for children with music and its positive impact on the growing organism is confirmed by all pediatricians.In the course of the studies found that it enhances the overall level of functional capacity of the organism, the development of strength, endurance, agility, speed, improve motor skills.Charging allows to prepare for the day for physical activity, even a small morning complex improves circulation and accelerates the metabolism.

However, not all children like to do morning exercises, preferring to lie longer in bed or watch a cartoon.Choosing the right music for charging for kids will help to increase the attractiveness of and interest in the exercise, as it can help to not only ask the right rhythm, but also the mood.

Effect of music on the human body

Founded in music therapeutic

potential has long been known to mankind, and emerging under its influence physiological reactions are widely studied.Charging for babies to music can not only use it for training organizations, but also increase the effects of exercise on the body.

Music - it's not just some combination of harmonies, rhythms and sounds.The enormous health potential of the music affects the intensity of metabolic processes, cerebral tone, circulation, the psyche, the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Sound waves act as receptors of the skin and the brain.Such reaction is caused by operation of the autonomic nervous system.When selecting music for charging for the kids need to take into account that human influences:

  • volume of sound;
  • duration of exposure to the sound vibrations;
  • noise level.

Do not underestimate the influence of music on the normalization of respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and properly chosen music allows physiological processes proceed more efficiently.

pleasant hearing music stimulates mental activity, enhances attention, stimulates the central nervous system, increases efficiency.That is why it is not necessary to approach to the choice of music to charge for babies superficially, relying only on the appropriate rhythm.Depending on how the selected songs and instrumental compositions are like a child depends on whether they will help to do exercises.

Any exercise performed by the music you like and causes a response, will bring joy to a child, which means that it will occur not just a desire, but also the need to return again to this emotional state.

Basic principles of charging for the kids to music

Charge for children under the music is best carried out in compliance with simple rules that will help the child to gain confidence in their own abilities and inculcate love for an active lifestyle:

  • Since the purpose of morning exercise is not in muscle development, and in awakening from sleep, your attention, parents should focus on lifting the mood.The complex should be directed to develop flexibility, coordination, fine motor skills and mobility;
  • must be remembered that the child even in the presence of a strong desire can not always perform the exercises correctly, so do not require it of him, and it is better to motivate the goodwill and support;
  • Charge for children under the music will have a positive effect only when it is carrying out daily;
  • should be exempt from the baby immediately precision and clarity in the exercises.Quite often, some of them may be some difficulties, so to adapt and develop the necessary skills will take time;
  • To succeed in educating active and healthy baby exercises should be done on a daily basis, and it should gradually become part of the lifestyle of the child.

Charging for kids to music is better to do with them.At the same time, it is important as a personal example of parents, as well as the attention that is required to understand the child as a manifestation of love.Thus, the baby will engage in the habit of morning exercises every day and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Another important aspect of cooperation can be a variety of music for charging.Do not impose your musical preferences or use the first available on the internet songs.Most often, children like simple, familiar songs or light marching music.It is also a good opportunity to teach your child tolerance and the ability to listen to the views of others.

Typical exercises to charge for children under the music

In order to grow a healthy baby, you need to remember and respect the correct mode of the day, which is most consistent with the biological rhythm.It brings not only a good rest, but also makes the early morning light rises.

Charging is recommended before breakfast, pre-rinse your mouth.Its duration should not exceed 10-15 minutes.If the weather is warm and dry, the best exercises to do in the air.In the cold season it should be done in a well-ventilated room.

Usually any complex charge for children under the music begins with a little warm-up, which may include walking, lifting hands up and tilts.After that you need to perform warm-up exercises, which can be used to run the place, walking on heels and toes, on the outer and inner sides of the feet.This has an impact on the formation of correct posture, which occurs in childhood.

Then continue charging exercises to strengthen muscles in the arms, shoulders, back and legs.Check out the complex must be calm breathing exercises, then you can hold water treatments - wiping or pouring cool water.This will help to strengthen the immune system.

Besides music, which makes the complex more attractive morning, you can charge a variety of game situations, cheerful struggle or competition.Also for charging for children to music can be used and various sports equipment - balls and exercise equipment.This will make the monotone of morning classes a game that is usually liked by children of any age, and, therefore, will be to inculcate a healthy lifestyle as much as possible with ease.