Morning exercises for children 3 years old

Charge for children 3 years old is tonic daily exercise, aimed at improving health, strengthening the muscular system, toning and physical endurance.

charging features for children 3 years

Charging for 3 years children should be a set of exercises to improve breathing, mobility, flexibility, and coordination.You must choose exercises that develop motor skills, motor activity and willpower.

In the first stage, parents should conduct exercises together with the children, teaching the right move, boosting confidence and providing support.Initially, exercise should be light, the child should not be forced to training.

When you charge for children 3 years old adults are a good example of that support interest and enthusiasm.

The basic charging principles for children 3 years include:

  • principle of gradual, requiring patience, endurance and stability during exercise;
  • systems principle, implying regularity, consistency and clarity of complex exercises.

Exercise for a child from an early age are the

foundation of a healthy body, resistant to various diseases.

Complex morning exercise for children

Complex morning exercise for children consists of simple exercises that should be done after waking.These exercises help the body to cheer up the child, to relieve tension and braking with the nervous system, musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system.

Proper morning exercise improves the overall tone of the body, strengthens the immune system, normalizes the respiratory and digestive systems.Children who are engaged in exercises in the morning, is significantly improved health, increased appetite and activity for the day.Charge for children 3 years old, which is combined with the right diet and nutrition, lets you dial a normal weight.It is advisable to carry out exercises for children 3 years old in the open air for 10-15 minutes with the impact on different groups of muscles.In winter, the charge can be combined with hardening the child's body.The load during exercise should be appropriate to the age, weight, health status and individual characteristics of the child.During the exercise the child must breathe properly and it should be comfortable and not to compress the clothing.After charging it should bathe in warm water and change clothes.

Complex morning exercise for children 3 years need to be taking into account the impact on the neck and shoulders, spine, lower back, pelvis and limbs.In the present age charge is the basis for strengthening the musculoskeletal system and prevention of diseases of scoliosis and bone structures.

The complex shall include the following exercises:

  • walking in place for 30-40 seconds;
  • lifting of the tips of the toes is 5 times;
  • for 1-2 minutes hands in the breeding side, up and down, as well as the crossing of the hands;
  • slopes 3-5 times forward, backward and sideways (with location feet shoulder width apart);
  • squats with arms outstretched 5-7 times;
  • slow walking with a vertical object, fixed behind, for 60 seconds;
  • holding the ball at arm's length in front of and above the head for 20-30 seconds;
  • jumping on one leg alternately for 20 seconds;
  • supine turns breeding feet and hands to the sides for 20-30 seconds.

the presence of diseases and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and orthopedic pediatrician prescribed a special corrective and remedial gymnastics.

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