Modern parenting - review procedures

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that today's children are very different from children of the 90s of the last century.Modern parenting goes beyond the ordinary.

Information technology and electronic media often replace books and textbooks.Children's toys are increasingly resemble robots of science fiction dreams, you can play them virtually.

There is a significant gap of interpersonal relationships in the family.But children in the same way as in the past century want to be desired and loved by their parents, but parents see their children's future in rainbow colors.

to the aspirations of the parents found the reality, you need to stop and think about the fact that children can not climb alone in this complex, is incredibly fast-paced life, and to take an active part in modern parenting.

Modern parenting: the relationship of generations

To educational work tended to success, first of all learn to respect the child.Little "prince" or "princess" worthy of the same respect as your colleagues.

Listen to their statements, do not criticize, all the more so in some ways today's children smarter than us.

new approach in the education of children deal with all matters of modern society.

Try to be an example for your child.Children absorb adult behavior, elevating it to the status of its own.Observe what games your child plays, sitting at a computer, or with friends in the yard.Help your child learn to distinguish good friends from accidental destructive personalities.It is particularly important that on the threshold of adolescence the child has been adapted in society and could distinguish between the main facets and nuances of modern society.

modern parenting involves vaccinating the child self-reliance and initiative.Do not patronize children too zealously from minor troubles.Give them a chance to make their own decisions and take responsibility for them.Allow to show and implement their initiatives, even if they sometimes end badly, the child will feel their own importance and extract the lesson.

can talk a lot about the methods and principles of education of today's children.Today, there are many conflicting and not always adequate methodologies.But is not completely wrong method.Each present its grain of truth.In addition, each method of modern parenting is based on considerable research and many years of analyzing the behavior of the younger generation.

Children on Torsunovu

today among many parents and educators is very popular method Torsunova parenting.The author believes that the personality is formed from the experiences of previous lives.There are personal categories assigned by the fact of birth of a child According to his theory.Categories are divided into four types - scientists (prone to learning and research), managers (prone manual), traders and business executives (practical and willing to enrich), artisans (practice).There is a fifth type - the losers.These include people who have not received a decent education as a child, whose parents have not been able to help the child to demonstrate their abilities.

4 ways to impact on the child provided in the method of education for children Torsunovu.

Education by the first method involves cooperation between parents and children.It is based on the individual child's personality development with the presence of the authority of parents.

second method of upbringing children Torsunovu - is brought up in passion.Promotional method, ie,education with material interest.

spoiled children refers to the third method of education - an education in ignorance.

Impersonal education in which the child is shown complete indifference, belongs to the fourth type.

Vedic culture considers all of these options from the standpoint of capabilities that are inherent in the person at the level of past lives.This modern education of children must take into account the abilities and develop them in the appropriate direction.

Obedience and the further formation of the person based on the principle - to listen.Hearing enters the mind, and he directs the mind and will.Therefore, parents need to teach a child to listen and hear.Own a positive example for the child's parents is a benchmark.

new approach in the education of children, in fact, has the same moral basis, but they are defined dogmas and other formulations.

The main focus of this method is reasonable love for her child

Parenting by Kushnir

Asher Kushnir - the famous Russian-speaking rabbi conducts courses popular video lectures on modern parenting.In his lectures Kushnir encourages parents to systematically study this process.Most people brings their offspring using methods of education of their parents.Sometimes, children grow up in families where a reign established methods of education at the level of the previous generations, or educational process is completely absent.

insisting on teaching parents techniques of modern child-rearing, Kushnir recalled that teachers learn to educate children 5 years in higher education.Lacking basic knowledge about the education of their child, parents are often faced with various difficulties.Particularly acute problems arise when their child enters adolescence.

in child-rearing issue Kushnir insists on teaching children in schools on family communication.The author also draws attention to the methods that the method of the unconditional subordination of children to parents is considered hidebound on the present level of development of society.But not yet developed its substitute method.

Therefore Rabbi advice aimed at the reasonable approach to any modern method of education.Parents need to criticize and analyze their concepts.

Kushnir upbringing of children are among the most important issues of our time.It encourages wise to follow tradition and take into account the knowledge of modern psychology.


about parenting in raising children different techniques and different approaches basically still imply friendly form.

Litvak parenting uses he developed "a method of sperm."The method is based penetration principle, attack and maneuver skills.When the child's upbringing Litvak advised to proceed from the fact that you can learn by reverse action.Style Litvak considers unacceptable repression.When you use your child-rearing method Litvak believes that in the initial stage of his method possible negative process.You do not need to stop.Go ahead and you will achieve considerable success in the education of their children.

In today's society there are many different currents.A new approach in the education of children is sometimes risky.But you can listen to each method, take the best of them and use in the education of their children.

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