The effectiveness of modern methods of education

Modern methods of education aimed at creating a full-fledged personality with a clear outlook, self-determination and open abilities.

Features modern methods of training and education

Modern education is constructed, taking into account the interests and needs of children, and constitute the basis of the educational process pedagogical concepts and principles.

main purpose of modern methods of education is the decision of pedagogical tasks and the achievement of positive results in the education of the individual.

The main objectives of the new training methods include:

  • Formation of personal qualities and abilities of the child's development;
  • morality Education and Culture;
  • formation of social roles (citizen, family man, etc.);
  • development of educational and cognitive skills;
  • formation of human values;
  • development in accordance with the interests and abilities.

Content rearing practices based on scientific literature, scientific sources, methodical and didactic materials.

features of modern methods of education

In modern pedagogy are four new methods of education: G. Doman method, Waldorf pedagogy, Montessori method, the method of L. Bereslavsky.

most widely used Waldorf educational system found in the pre-school educational institutions.The method laid raising actions and practices, rather than words and theory.Children under 7 years old is considered as a wannabe, who takes the example of the parents, teachers and educators.Adults should show the positive examples.Development of the method of Waldorf education is due to the training of fine motor skills using modeling, crafts and games with small objects.

Modern methods of education for G.Domanu and L. Bereslavskii similar in many positions.According to these procedures, training should start from an early age, so as not to miss the moment and do not bring to serious problems.Development of motor skills should begin with the 2 years, teach the child to distinguish between colors and shades, geometric shapes and sizes.These techniques involve constant exercises on mindfulness, logical thinking and expansion of ideas about the world.

Doman method is aimed at the intensive development of thinking and intellectual abilities in children up to 7 years.The method is based on the use of special cards with words and letters that you need to remember and repeat.Lessons should be short, but regular.The training should train your memory, learn faster reading and reinforce the desire for knowledge, praise.

best-known modern method of education and training is the Montessori system, designed by the Italian teacher, designed to develop work skills.Going with a child should begin with simple household tasks (watering flowers, dusting, unfolding of things and toys in places, washing dishes, etc.).Education at Montessori by using abstract tasks, logical exercises and the development of perception.

Classification of modern methods of training and education in domestic pedagogics:

  • methods aimed at creating awareness, beliefs, attitudes and speech (discussion, dialogue, story, lecture, debate, seminar, reasoning, etc.);
  • pedagogical methods of suggestion that use figurative, emotional and psychological techniques to create a positive atmosphere of training and education;
  • Methods of formation and behavior of labor activity (habituation, mode requirements, orders, etc.);
  • Methods of repetition and consolidation of knowledge through assignments, exercises and tasks;
  • methods of promoting and stimulating (competitions, tournaments, competitions, game, etc .;
  • control methods, self-determination and self-esteem, which are aimed at the development of analytical and logical thinking, reflection and self-identification (surveys, testing, analysis, and so on.d.).

These modern methods of education effectively used in the whole system, to form a complete personality, capable of logical and sensible to act in different situations, make decisions and control themselves.

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