The modern concept of the social and moral education

Social and moral education is an active and purposeful pedagogical process, which forms the moral character, moral values ​​and proper behavior in society.

Features of social and moral education of preschool children

Social and moral education of children begins with the first years of life and is based on the formation of positive qualities.

child at preschool age should be taught moral qualities through labor activity, creativity and game forms of education.In the process of communication in preschool child shows his character, forms of social and moral qualities, positioning itself as a citizen and defines its position in society.

To socio-moral education of preschool children to be effective, it is necessary to carry out a systematic educational work with children.An important role in the upbringing plays a labor activity, during which the child develops, reaches its goals and improve their skills.

Social and moral education of children should be implemented in close co-operation of parents an

d preschool teachers.Formation of social and moral qualities of the child shall be carried out as part of his social life and interactions in the children's collective.

methods of social and moral education in preschool

In pre-school social and moral education of children is carried out by special educational programs and directions.Pedagogical programs consist of the most effective means and methods of education, which form the social-development and moral personality.

The main means of social and moral education in preschool include:

  • Artistic agents acting on the emotional and spiritual side of the child (literary works, art, music, theater and cinema);
  • natural resources that form the child's humanity, empathy and respect for the surrounding world and citizenship;
  • Dejatelnostno means that develop the child's ability, his responsibility, hard work and commitment (work, work, play, etc.);
  • contact means which are aimed at the child's communication and self-realization in society, socialization and identity.

Socio-moral education in preschool will be realized only in the event that created a positive environment and moral atmosphere in the team.Child must surround comfortable, rich kindness, support, and humane care.

methods of social and moral education of preschool children are forms of pedagogical influence that shape the moral personality.

in modern preschool pedagogy are the following methods of social and moral education:

  • Methods of forming the moral behavior of the child (orders, requirements, examples, exercises and assignments);
  • Methods of forming the moral conscience (sample example, suggestion, talk, request clarification);
  • methods encourage and promote (the award, contest, contests and tournaments);
  • methods that reveal intellectual and creative abilities (creativity, gameplay, crafts, sports exercises, logical tasks, etc.).

Each method of social and moral education must conform to the aims and objectives of education, age, and interests of children.For social education methods parents and teachers need to prepare the conditions and the atmosphere, as well as a logical conclusion.

important component of the social and moral education of preschool children is communication and communication links between the children.Constant interaction, exchange of knowledge and experience to help children establish social ties, actively develop and build positive social skills.

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