Modern approaches to raising children

approaches in parenting allow you to choose the right direction for education, formation and development of the child, to reveal its individual characteristics and abilities.

Modern approaches to raising children

approach in parenting plays an important role for a comfortable and full development.In the preschool period, an important role is played by the social environment in which the child resides, it directly affects him and his development.

In modern pedagogy are actively using the approach parenting life.Under this method the upbringing and education of the child take place at the expense of his own experience, as well as the correct and incorrect actions.Living conditions directly affect the child's personality.

When educating pre-school children can use work approach, which may include as work at home, in kindergarten and other pre-school establishments, and sports facilities.Training and sports exercises help to temper the character of the child, to bring him the endurance, strength of wil

l and spirit, hard work and patience.

Modern approaches to raising children are gradually instilling in the child basic life skills.

When selecting certain approaches to child-rearing should be selected corresponding direction - authoritarian, liberal, democratic and indifferent.

authoritarian approach would raise children in rigidity and strictness, unconditional submission, and subject to strict rules.The child is in a passive state, it depends on the parents and does not make decisions.A serious drawback of an authoritarian approach in the education of children is utrachivanie creativity and lack of initiative, lack of independence and ability to take serious decisions.

opposite directions in education is a liberal approach, in which the identity of the child plays an important role.In the process of education are no restrictions, rules and regulations.The pedagogy of this approach is called the "method of permissiveness."The disadvantage of this approach is the absence of restrictions, which can lead to selfishness and spoiled, the lack of purpose in life.

Democratic approach to raising children involves equal treatment between parents and children.Decisions taken by the family council, and at all stages of development, the child is an equal participant in education, gives his opinion and defending personal interests.

indifferent approach to the education of children is by the free development of the child, in which the parents do not participate.A child is considered to be independent and free personality, which should not be burdened with a variety of rules, constraints and challenges.Parents using this approach, are not involved in the child's life, in its internal and external development.As a result of this training the baby no guidance in life, he does not feel support and protection, and it has no spiritual relationship with their parents.Ultimately, such education children become closed and antisocial.

To the child has grown a full personality, approaches in education must be selected taking into account the characteristics of the child.When the education should not be a large number of restrictions, but parents and teachers need to be directing and controlling party.

Features personal and active approach in educating

most effective in teaching and activity is an individual approach to parenting.

individual approach to the child's upbringing is a teaching process that takes into account the individual characteristics that affect the behavior and development.In this approach, using different methods of education (in accordance with the personality of the child), to achieve positive results.The child is treated as a separate, unique and responsible individual.

When using the individual approach in child care open the hidden skills and abilities, is the establishment of self-consciousness and self-determination.child's personality prevails over the team, it takes into account the humanistic, creative, intellectual and physical abilities.

teachers, using an individual approach, highly appreciated the child, instilling in him the intellectual, moral and social values.This approach focuses on each child, his desires and opportunities.

activity approach in the education of children is an effective method of training, during which the child receives, stores, and uses knowledge in the teaching and learning activities.Knowledge of the child is not ready to give form and organize the learning process so that the child is actively and systematically developed and learn.

At the heart of the activity approach in the education of children on the following didactic principles:

  • principle of activity, during which the child learns, understands and uses them in different areas of their lives;
  • principle of continuity, which is a continuity at all levels of education;
  • integrity of the principle that forms the system and summarized the children's knowledge about the world;
  • principle of psychological comfort, in the framework of which are beneficial environment for the cognitive activity of children;
  • principle of variability of forming ability of various options to address problems;
  • principle of creativity that involves the use of creativity in the educational process.

Cognition activity approach in the education of children is seen in a broad sense, and includes Miropoznanie, personal formation and self-determination of the child.The main role in this approach is the activity of children, which are in the process of problem solving.Teachers and parents are correcting, supporting and challenging round.

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