Criteria for moral education of children of preschool age

Moral education of children of preschool age is a part of purposeful pedagogical process.Living in a society, the baby takes its laws and tries to follow them.The role of teachers and parents is to help the child find their way in life circumstances, the right accents at the moral assessment of events, make an internal selection in favor of traditional spiritual values.

Moral education of children of preschool age: the role of family

preschool child - a child of 4-6 years.During this period, adults can actively influence the views of the child and some aspects of his personality.

Many children attend kindergarten, but still it is the parents have ultimate moral authority for the kids.Therefore, moral education of children of preschool age is almost entirely the responsibility of the family.

values, which will continue to mean a lot to a child is determined by its environment.For children to grow up honest, humane, responsible, they need before the eyes of a good example to follow.Moral education of

preschool children is based primarily on a personal example close.If parents make a genuine choice in favor of spiritual values, then the child will be able to follow them to do the same.

Unfortunately, many moms and dads are not able to spend a lot of time with children.The intense work schedule can greatly limit the communication with the younger generation.Reduced from whether this role of the family in the moral education of children of preschool age?Of course not.

Try as much as possible intensively use the time that you spend with your baby.Trite phrase is that children grow fast.But this fact is directly related to moral education.Within a few years, your preschooler will acquire, and other authorities, except parents, his opinion will depend on the words of a plurality of strangers, and family approval will not be decisive.It is necessary to use all the features of moral education of children of preschool age, to have time to invest in a child's spiritual values.

moral education of preschool children Aims

purpose of moral education of children of preschool age, as well as any education at all - to prepare a worthy member of society.Think about how you would like to see your child in the future.The moral aspect of your baby's personality is important.Almost all parents want to see their child's strong, responsible, humane, kind, honest.

purpose of moral education of preschool children is to introduce the kid with the moral law and the basic spiritual values.Opting for a good start of the child must make a sincere and independently, but under the strict supervision of an adult.

Nowadays, parents are protesting the moral education of children.Their main argument - a child with a high moral level will be very difficult to survive in this cruel society.In general, this approach is understandable, but it is very controversial.

Firstly, morality - it is a sincere commitment to the ideals of domestic society, which means that it helps to live in a group.Second, even if an immoral person and be able to achieve much in life, it will, above all, wealth.Create a strong family, to make friends, to maintain contact with relatives without the observance of moral laws is almost impossible.Maybe, in the absence of spiritual principles and such a person will not feel his own loneliness and inferiority.But will the happy parents, brought up the child's immoral?Probably not.

Moral education of children - a movement to a happy future for your baby.Based on the traditional values, the child will be able in the future to overcome any difficulties.

Moral education of younger preschoolers

In young children, there are certain characteristics in the perception of our world.The younger the baby, the more imaginative thinking he possesses.Moral education of younger preschoolers built with these features.

At the age of 3-4 years old baby mainly learns through play.Introducing the gameplay elements of moral education, we can achieve tremendous success.For example, a variety of characters, you can show kindness, compassion, courage and honesty.For a child is important is your assessment of the behavior and actions of fictional characters.

games with peers also have implications for moral education of children of preschool age.Adults need to monitor these kids classes and unobtrusively to intervene in the process if necessary.

Special classes on moral education at this age is almost not needed.Personal example of adults and properly organized games promote familiarity with the basics of moral laws of society.

Moral education of the senior preschool children

Older children already have a large amount of knowledge about human society and its laws.Preschooler 5-6 years not only well aware of the difference between good and evil deeds, but also has enough self-control to limit yourself.

Moral education of the senior preschool children is a difficult task, as it requires the maximum sincerity and passion of the adult.

However, in some ways with the grown children becomes easier.For example, adults come to the aid of humane books, cartoons, plays.Good works of art influence the guys at the level of emotions and intellect.Moral education of children of preschool age through art is the traditional method.Parents need to pick the right product and discuss with your child the impressions received.The role of the conversation at this age is gradually becoming more and more.

Classes on moral education of preschool children

educational institutions also contribute to the moral education of children.A lot depends on the personal qualities of the teachers and the prevailing atmosphere in the team.Special classes on moral education of preschool children have a supporting role.

As part of the educational program of the kindergarten children held acquaintance with some poems, fairy tales, stories.In the classroom by the teacher discusses the morality of children works of the characters, their behavior and character.It is advisable to approach such studies creatively.For children clearly show small theatrical performances based on the books.You can also organize a drawing competition on the product.In discussing the characters, to help children identify with the moral evaluation of their actions.

Classes on moral education of preschool children may be held in the form of catering.Because children may be interested in productions on the theme "Lessons of politeness", "Friendship".If the play and during the discussion will be attended by invited parents, these classes will bring maximum benefit.

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