Red blood cells in the urine of the child - the norm and pathology

Red blood cells - red blood is the blood of the bullock.They carry oxygen, providing metabolism, simply - nutrition of body cells.When blood loss of red blood cells become smaller, there is a condition of anemia.When the bleeding is caused by injury, it can be stopped by ligation.Much more difficult, if the red blood cells are lost in the urine.This condition is more common in children than in adults.Hatched red blood cells in the urine of the child indicate a number of pathological conditions and diseases.

As red blood cells appear in the urine in the child

blood filtering occurs in glomerular kidney machine.Cellular elements remain, and the liquid flows further processing.When urine concentration reaches a certain limit, the liquid is formed.Ways excretion of urine:

  • renal pelvis;
  • ureters;
  • Bladder;
  • urethra.

Red blood cells in the urine of the child can occur at any stage of elimination, or at the time of filtering the blood.

renal filter hole is 8 nanometers, whereas the diameter of a matur

e red blood cell is always larger than this size.There are only two reasons why the red blood cells get into the child's urine.This reduced the size of a red blood cell, or an extension of the filter holes in the renal tissue.

the course of the urinary tract in the urine red blood cells appear as a result of getting them out of the affected tissues of the renal pelvis, ureters, bladder and genitals.In such cases, we are not talking about the true loss of blood, but of hematuria untrue when urine in the normal fall of blood impurities.

The rate of red blood cells in the baby's urine is normal

discovery in the field of laboratory 2-4 red blood cells in the baby's urine.A detailed examination of the cells they are damaged: lost membrane as a result of the natural aging process.The lifespan of the erythrocyte cell is 120 days.The formation of new red blood cells takes place every day, so about any blood replacement can be no question.Thus, the modified erythrocytes in urine may occur not only once every 120 days, but more often.

All other indicators are not regarded as normal red blood cells in the baby's urine, even if the red blood cells, every one, to change.But if their number exceeds 4 in the field of view, you should look for the causes of the massive loss of life.

The reasons that tend to have higher red blood cells in the urine of the child

There are two kinds of reasons why there are red blood cells in the urine of the child, however, as an adult.

The first group is called reactive states, which lead to the general intoxication of the organism, thereby expanding openings of kidney filters:

  • viral infection accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature (SARS, most often, flu).When heated, each item is expanded, the same thing happens with kidney filters;
  • meningitis, typhoid fever, severe intestinal infections;
  • poisoning toxins in sepsis.

may appear red blood cells in the urine of the child after prolonged exercise, when he has a long time to walk.This so-called "march hematuria" that within a day passes without a trace.

second group of reasons that revealed increased red blood cells in the baby's urine, make the disease directly related uriniparous and urinary tract:

  • Glomerulonephritis - a direct loss of renal glomeruli.The hallmark of glomerulonephritis is considered in urine not only of erythrocytes, but also cylinders of blood proteins;
  • pyelonephritis - an extension of filtration pores is due to inflammatory edema.When pileonefrite urine necessarily detected leucocytes - cells, indicating the inflammatory process;
  • Urolithiasis - rarely found children's pathology, in which the red blood cells appear in the urine of any portion of the urinary tract from the renal pelvis to the urethra;
    • inflammation of the bladder - cystitis.
    • mucosa defeat of the urethra - urethritis.

The most common reasons for which are found in red blood cells from the child's urine are the kidneys or bladder injury.

quite rare, but the most terrible pathology - kidney cancer.

False hematuria

untrue hematuria diagnosed when a child's red blood cells in the urine are not full red blood cells.But false hematuria do not have any relation to diseases like kidney and body as a whole.

On examination, urine analysis in the microscope field of view does not get cell laboratory and fragmented patches of colored pigments.This condition occurs after ingestion of beets.Urine with painted to the color of blood.Several weaker stained her medicines:

  • Vitamin B12;
  • drugs sulfonamides group;
  • Analgin and aspirin;
  • Phenolphtalein.

Red blood cells in the urine of adolescent girls may be due to menstrual bleeding when mixing it with the contents of the vagina.

How to collect the analysis to the red blood cells in the urine were not accidentally

Any positive test for red blood cells in the urine of the child's alarming not only parents, but also to health professionals.In order to avoid unpleasant incidents every parent needs to know the rules of the urine collection, which include the following conditions:

  • collection analysis needs to be done in the morning when the urine is the most concentrated of the child;
  • It makes no sense to take the test after exercise, "march test" for children of small age "works" more frequently than in adults and adolescents.

necessary to teach the girls the right to collect the urine regardless of whether they have at this moment monthly.Firstly, you need to make cleaning the genitals.This saves not only from the accidental red blood cells, and white blood cells.Secondly, it should be borne in mind that the most informative portion of urine - medium, which is not considered in number but has a high quality performance.Having missed the first portion of urine, it is necessary to substitute a jar for analysis under a stream without interrupting it.Otherwise, the collected urine will again refer to the first portion, which is present in vaginal contents.Whatever the amount of urine may be collected by such rules, it will be considered an average serving.The last portion of urine is in the ureters, and gather it can be only in a hospital.

When a child needs to pass urine

addition to routine tests when visiting the child health clinic indications for urine in children are the following states:

  • Complaints child's pain during urination;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back;
  • staining urine brown.

If such conditions occur at night, in the morning should be to collect a urine sample and take it to the doctor without waiting for written directions.It is available immediately at the reception.

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