Baby hiccups

Hiccups is a non-specific violation of the external respiration function, arising from a series of spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm jerky nature.Parents often wonder what to do if a child hiccups, and if it is not dangerous.When it comes to babies, many mothers believe that this is due solely to hypothermia, and try to wrap up warmly baby.However, according to doctors, hiccups - quite harmless and quickly passing phenomenon.The reasons causing it, can be varied, and only in rare cases, hiccups is a cause for treatment to the doctor.

causes of hiccups

According to Dr. Komarovsky, the reason that the baby hiccups, a twitching of the diaphragm.This happens because the air or prop GAZ cars stomach, which in turn irritates the diaphragm.In newborn infants, it is more common among those who are bottle-fed.

However, sometimes it happens and overeating in children, whose mother is breastfeeding on demand.In most cases, this is due to prolonged feedings (up to half an hour), or in cases where the milk

is very fatty.In a normal healthy baby to stave off hunger enough for 15 minutes and no more than 10 minutes to satisfy the sucking reflex.Also, too frequent and prolonged feeding can cause the entire digestive system disorders.

In normal weight gain and drinking regimen adequate reason for infant food after hiccups may be gases in the upper intestine.They put pressure on the stomach, moving it upwards.Because of the discomfort in the intestines of the baby trying to stretch the muscles of the abdomen and release gases, and as a result affects the diaphragm and starts to hiccup.

Another reason why the baby hiccups after eating - air into the stomach with too active sucking.It puts pressure on the thin walls of the digestive organs, causing hiccups.

Also, Dr. Komorowski believes that the child is often not hiccups from hypothermia, as many parents think, as a result of adaptation to changes in ambient temperature.Therefore, in the absence of other evidence that the baby is cold, it is not necessary to wrap up more than it should.

In addition, any emotional distress (many strangers, sudden noises or sudden inclusion of light) is a stress for the newborn, and the reason that the baby hiccups.Also, hiccups can cause respiratory failure and rhythm.

What if the baby hiccups after eating

If a child often hiccups after feeding, it is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • on artificial feeding - you need to take care of the correct drinking regime.If this does not help, you should consult with your pediatrician and try a different mixture.Also, to avoid the ingress of air into the stomach, pediatricians recommend the use of special antikolikovye bottles;
  • breastfeeding - breastfeeding mother is recommended to drink plenty of fluids and do not abuse the fat-containing products.This will make less milk fat, which will help to avoid overeating.

In cases where the child hiccups after feeding, you must:

  • Hold it vertically.Position "column" helps with accumulated jeep easier and faster to move that will eliminate the cause of hiccups;
  • give to drink water baby;
  • pat on the tummy.The circular motion clockwise activates digestion and help catch his breath.

good preventive measure to improve digestion and prevent gas formation, is putting some baby on his tummy before feeding.

As a rule, if the child is not often hiccups, this is no reason to see a doctor.However, it is recommended to pass examination in cases where:

  • hiccups lasts more than an hour;
  • addition hiccups observed swallowing disorders, and general malaise.

In other cases, hiccups - a normal physiological phenomenon, not requiring medical intervention.According to Dr. Komarovsky, merznuschie and hungry children grow up more healthy.Therefore, if a child hiccups, it is necessary, first of all, seek not to dress them warmly, and revise the feeding regime.In addition, in this case, hiccups risk is greatly reduced, it will positively affect the health of a baby as a whole.

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