Red blood cells during pregnancy - the norm and pathology

in blood tests of pregnant women pay attention to the number of red blood cells only when there are signs of anemia.This occurs because of the number of red blood cells depend on oxygen saturation.Red blood cells during pregnancy are of great importance for both the expectant mother and the child.Red blood cells contain hemoglobin.From its amount depend on fetal growth and condition of the pregnant woman.Red blood cells, under any circumstances, should not leave the bloodstream, so the detection of red blood cells in the urine indicates pregnancy pathology.

Red blood cells in the urine during pregnancy

When analysis shows the red blood cells during pregnancy, an urgent need to clarify the nature of hematuria ( "the flow of blood in the urine," Gr.).The cause of the red blood cells in the urine during pregnancy can be serious kidney disease or cancer.Such information is contained in directories, recommended for the study of students of faculties of medical academies and medical school.In practice, the

reasons for which the red blood cells during pregnancy appear in the urine, is much simpler and more prosaic.

Analysts distinguish between true and untrue hematuria.In the first case, the researchers clearly indicate that the red blood cells were subjected to "treatment" in the renal tubules.If present in the analysis of intact red blood cells - hematuria is considered untrue, because the blood mixed with urine in the process of its removal, but not education.

untrue reasons for hematuria:

  • Urolithiasis;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • cervical erosion;
  • Colpitis pregnant.When

urolithiasis kidney stones or urinary move with current or being in a fixed state to form in the renal pelvis bedsores - sores from which blood cells can be isolated, including, erythrocytes.The movement of sand along the urinary channel is accompanied by the application of injuries and abrasions on the inner surface of the epithelium of the ureter, urethra.Since red blood cells appear in the urine during pregnancy, who are in it not because of kidney disease, but as a result of traumatic lesions of the urinary system.

uterine bleeding in the urine as the red blood cells are detected.Not necessarily to the urine stain in the color of blood, enough to 1-15 erythrocytes per field of view - a circle on the slide, bounded by the microscope tube.So it happens that in the planned check urine test revealed the hidden signs of threatened abortion.

If a woman diagnosed with cervical erosion in the urine may also appear red blood cells during pregnancy cervix softens, the vessels dilate and passed blood cells.

Colpitis - an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa - occurs in pregnant women with features.vaginal cells are filled with glycogen, which is an excellent breeding ground for germs.They penetrate the intercellular spaces and affect cell membranes.So in a smear and urine red blood cells during pregnancy appear to have no relation to renal function.

General urine test and pelvic examination to elucidate the cause of hematuria untrue.

Additional studies and activities with the appearance of red blood cells in the urine during pregnancy:

  • cervical examination in mirrors and colposcopy;
  • Laboratory examination of the vaginal smear;
  • Sowing of the cervix and the urethra in the presence of sexually transmitted infections (trichomonas);
  • ultrasound of the kidneys;
  • Analysis of urine by Nechiporenko.

The most important measure is the elimination of errors in the delivery of incontinence.It should be collected in the morning, after a simple hygienic procedures (caving, but not douche!).should cover the vagina with gauze, and then miss a portion of the first Before urine collection, and gathering the remainder in the container (jar).This will be the average portion.If for any reason, to observe the urine collection technology is impossible (no living conditions), apply a urinary catheter.If as a result there is the same picture, it is necessary to collect urine for Nechiporenko.collection technology in its delivery is no different.It takes the same midstream urine, but it is determined by the number of red blood cells in the proportion.With a positive sample for Nechiporenko red blood cells during pregnancy exceeds the limits of the upper limit of normal.This indicates kidney disease and require treatment in a hospital.

Elevated red blood cells during pregnancy

When it comes to blood tests, a reduced amount of red blood cells indicates anemia.In this situation, the tactics clear how physicians and pregnant women.It is necessary to increase their number!For this purpose, appointed drugs that stimulate the production of red blood cells of bone marrow.The most accessible means for such purposes are the food, specifically: pomegranate juice.It is only necessary to bear in mind that an increase in red blood cells during pregnancy happen not earlier than after a long-term use, "drug", as the life expectancy of an erythrocyte is 120 days.

Most blood cells, containing a small amount of hemoglobin, pale and difficult to identify.They can be mistaken for lymphocytes - is also fairly large cells, the nucleus of which is rarely seen during the inspection in a conventional microscope.True reduction of red blood cells occurs in hypoplastic anemia - a form of leukemia in which the pregnancy, like conception, become problematic.

Most assays revealed elevated red blood cells during pregnancy confuse them with other blood cells impossible.The high number of red corpuscles cells per unit volume testifies not about improving health, but of blood clots.

Elevated red blood cells during pregnancy do not improve the supply of oxygen, on the contrary, worsen it.Why is this happening?

Blood, compacted, stagnates and moves much slower.On the way from the lungs to the red blood cells in the blood of the placenta during pregnancy give a huge amount of oxygen, while the child already gets oxidized products.This paradox of the situation - a lot of red blood cells, and the fetus is suffering from a lack of oxygen.

Normal red blood cell count indices in pregnancy ranged from 3.8 to 5.5 1012 / L.Values ‚Äč‚Äčabove and below are considered to be pathological.Indicator blood hematocrit indicates the ratio of red blood cells to the blood volume and is expressed as a percentage.If the hematocrit is above 45%, pregnant requires hospitalization for infusion therapy (droppers).Blood diluting - the power cells of the fetus and women will improve.

normal pregnancy should not be accompanied by abnormal tests, which determine the increased amount of red blood cells, especially their appearance in the urine.

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