Poisoning in pregnancy - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

When something happens to a pregnant woman, all around are close to panic.Their condition is quite clear: under the threat of not one but two lives.Actually poisoning during pregnancy does not differ from normal, this condition is.First Aid Tactics is the same, although there are some features.

Causes of poisoning during pregnancy

Causes of poisoning in pregnancy are the same as that of all the people.Women bear a child, do not sit under the hood under sterile conditions, as well as they all work, communicate with people, eating in public places.Cause dangerous poisoning during pregnancy may be:

  • Industrial chemicals;
  • Household chemicals;
  • Gaza;
  • Medicines;
  • Toxic substances taken by mistake inside.

Food constitute a separate group of causes of poisoning in pregnancy, both the early and the later stages.

For industrial chemicals are ions of heavy metals: lead, copper, zinc.They are found in production, printing, processing plants, enrichment plants.Toxic effects are industrial and domestic pain

ts for repair work, a special role in the poisoning of pregnancy plays nitroenamels.

items of household chemicals: to clean the rust, solvents containing ethylene oxide.

The gases include not only propane, in which food is prepared.Carbon dioxide is not the senses of smell, but it is deadly.Harmful air suspensions of various liquids.This gasoline fumes, which also lead to poisoning of the body.No less dangerous evaporation of rubber products, including children's toys.Fumes in phenolic houses result in a slow poisoning.If men and even children do not feel anything for a few months, for poisoning during pregnancy for quite a few weeks.

Important!The critical concentration of poisonous substances for pregnant is much lower than for other people.Therefore, it should be protected from any contact with potentially hazardous substances.

Medication poisoning during pregnancy may occur from the most innocuous of drugs.The reaction of the same women taking the pills earlier, after conception may be completely different.Therefore, in the Western countries in the first trimester do not recommend any medications, including vitamins.The quantity of additives to the latter so high that calculate which component will cause poisoning in pregnancy is not possible.

Poisonous substances which an adult can ingest by accident or by mistake, as a rule, limited to household poisons from rodents and insects.Of course, pregnant, does not eat or drink them.They penetrate through the skin, being absorbed into the blood through them.

Food poisoning during pregnancy

most common cause of food poisoning in pregnancy - is substandard products that have expired, to which you should pay attention.The rest of the people, perhaps they will not do harm, but not in such a position.The group of dangerous products include:

  • Homemade pickles, especially mushrooms.And not necessarily toxic.Pickled cucumbers and tomatoes with a dangerous violation of the formulation at least pale toadstools;
  • Sausages: as raw and smoked, especially smoked.High risk of botulism;
  • Dairy products.Basically, mayonnaise, because the smell and taste of it is the same that is fresh, that expired.So far stepped food chemistry, which, incidentally, is not recommended for pregnant women, even the producers;
  • Undercooked or roasted, and especially raw eggs.
  • Independently of poisoning during pregnancy take place potentially dangerous exotic fruits and vegetables, which are brought from a distance.The reaction to them can be unpredictable, because our people do not know what they taste like.Maybe not rotten, and always so sour?Or it does not mold, and some special cover like a coconut?

How to recognize poisoning during pregnancy

This disorder, regardless of whether it is edible or industrial, has the same symptoms.Symptoms of poisoning during pregnancy, which can diagnose yourself:

  • diarrhea, accompanied by a pungent smell;
  • Vomiting, bringing little relief;
  • Unexplained fatigue, where it is impossible to walk or stand, but I want to just lie down;
  • Headache and fever;
  • visual disturbances in botulism - pregnant can not read the text of the paper: the letters spread out and "dance" before the eyes;
  • Chills, combined with a cold sweat.

The risk of poisoning during pregnancy

In the absence of an immediate threat to the mother's life any poisoning during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus and can lead to miscarriage at any stage.

total intoxication leads to dehydration.Since fecal and vomit displayed a significant amount of minerals necessary for fetal life.Thickening of blood with fluid loss leads to a decrease in its circulation in the system: the mother-fetus.In response, the instantly produced oxytocin, which not only provides an antidiuretic effect, but stimulates uterine contractions.

poisoning in pregnancy: what to do

First, and most important, you need to call "ambulance."Independent trek to the clinic in case of poisoning in pregnancy is difficult, moreover, is dangerous for health.Before the arrival of doctors to do a gastric lavage.It is recommended to dissolve a weak solution of potassium permanganate, to drink it, then press your fingers on the tongue, causing vomiting.After the first gastric emptying procedure should be repeated as long as the vomit will not cease to contain contaminants of food.

Important!At the beginning or continuing uterine bleeding gastric lavage is strictly contraindicated, as well as for pain in the abdomen.

important event is the reception of sorbents that absorb toxic substances.The most common of them - activated carbon.It should take in large amounts: one or two or three packages.It is unpleasant and does not taste good, but if there was poisoning during pregnancy, what to do and how to do otherwise?

Once the coal is gone, we need to take a significant amount of fluid.The quality of it does not really matter, as long as at hand was not sour juice or yogurt.

After first aid or self-help, in any case, you should inform your doctor of female consultation poisoning, which carry out the necessary studies and provide further guidance on carrying a pregnancy.

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