Can I bathe the child , if he is sick

From a medical point of view of disease - is not nothing but a violation occurring in the normal functioning of the human body.Diseases can be triggered by a variety of pathogenic factors.During the illness in the body is a serious failure, which affect the general well-being, mood and performance.

Modern doctors classify the disease in many ways.Most often, the disease delineate the nature of their flow, causes, by the method of treatment and prevention.

In a separate group of experts allocate childhood diseases.And some ailments common in children so often that it has long been considered the norm, and are ranked by physicians to the characteristics of the development of children at different ages.However, the child's body is still very weak, and therefore more vulnerable to various diseases.That's why doctors are paying such close attention to treatment and care for sick children.

Can I bathe the child durin
g illness

Often parents ask doctors about whether it is possible to bathe the child during illness.As a rule, the views of professionals on this issue diverge.

Some believe that bathing can harm, while others point to the clear benefits of water treatments.However, the vast majority of pediatricians agreed that the decision should be made only based on the child's condition.

Therefore, a clear answer to the question of whether it is possible to bathe the child during the illness does not exist.Although many doctors believe that the water treatments can harm a weakened child's body.They also agree that from the point of view of hygiene, bathing is very important.Of course, the ailing child should not take a hot bath, but the shower rinse or wipe with a wet towel can.

Almost all childhood diseases accompanied by fever.Experts believe that the child can bathe in temperatures up to 37,5 ° C.Due to the high heat domestic hot water can trigger redistribution of blood, and this has a negative impact on the child's body, weakened by illness.

noteworthy that many doctors advise to shoot down an extremely high temperature, with the help bathing.For this gain in warm water bath (not exceeding 36,6 ° C) and it is immersed in a child.Water is able to "absorb" the extra degrees, thereby helping to facilitate the well-being of the sick child.

In addition, at the child can bathe in water with infusions of herbs.For example, chamomile flowers, sage leaves, calendula or St. John's wort have anti-inflammatory properties.However, the presence of some specific diseases (for example, otitis media, or skin lesions) with washing it is better to wait.

Can I bathe the baby with a cold

Young children are extremely difficult to protect against colds.The slightest draft, and the child can pick up a runny nose or cough.These first symptoms are familiar to most parents.Children's doctors are often asked whether it is possible to bathe the child with a cold and a cough or is it not necessary to do so until the child's body can not cope with the disease.

is worth noting that a runny nose or rhinitis can be considered to some extent a protective mechanism.Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose becomes a barrier to the virus, which can not penetrate the weakened body.However, a stuffy nose gives a lot of trouble for both adults and children.Bathe your child with a cold can be provided that it does not have a high temperature.

In addition, water treatments can serve as an excellent drug.

During skin disease accumulate harmful substances, that go from the body through sweat.The water washes the surface of skin toxins, bacteria and viral infections.Therefore, when cold, runny nose, as well as possible and even necessary when coughing bathe the child, because it helps to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Although discussion on whether it is possible to bathe the child during illness, not closed, experts believe that water treatment will not harm and even help if you stick to simple recommendations:

  • It is worth remembering that at elevated temperature and in the firstdays of illness is better to give up swimming, so as not to trigger the development of complications.In hygienic purposes at high temperatures better use of wiping;
  • Bathe your child with a cold can, however, in the bathroom should be no drafts.In order to cure the common cold in sea salt water added, and then washed with a child's nose.However, this procedure is carried out very carefully and sensitively;
  • After bathing the baby should be warm and ideally once hard to sleep in his bed;
  • Bathe your baby when coughing can be in hot water with the addition of decoctions and infusions, prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs that can help in the treatment of colds.

When can bathe the child with chickenpox

There is an opinion that is strictly forbidden to wash until the rash does not fully take place at disease chickenpox children.This is not entirely true, because bathing the child with chickenpox can in five days after the onset of the disease.However, experts strongly recommend to refrain from water treatment, if the disease is accompanied by a fever.

In this case it is better to wait until it starts to decline.In addition, it is better to avoid the ingress of water on the rash to form a crust on the wound, otherwise the secondary site of infection may appear.On the other hand, to bathe the child with chickenpox can be because water helps to relieve the discomfort associated with itching.However, water treatment can begin no earlier than the sixth day after the onset of the disease.

During this period, the wound covered with a characteristic crust.Pediatricians recommend bathing in the bathroom add decoctions of oak bark, chamomile or celandine.These herbs help to heal wounds and reduce itching.It is not necessary during washing to use any hygiene products, including those intended exclusively for children shampoos, soap or bubble bath.It is best to rinse the child's body is weak stream of warm water, and then lubricate rash Zelenko.

During the illness of the child well-being deserves the greatest attention.When children are sick, they just can not live normally - they experience great discomfort, so capricious and crying.Pain do not give the baby to sleep properly, it loses its appetite and become lethargic.Bathing, subject to simple recommendations, helps to improve the well-being of the child, as well as to speed up the healing process.

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