Psychological and social rehabilitation of children with disabilities

rehabilitation of children

with disabilities is a system of measures aimed at eliminating the restrictions of life, or as full payment of their possible.

purpose of rehabilitation - the restoration of the social status of disabled children, their adaptation in society and the achievement of financial independence.There are three types of rehabilitation - medical, social and professional.

concept of social rehabilitation of disabled children

Social rehabilitation - a process of assimilation of the child certain system of knowledge, values ​​and norms that characterize the culture inherent in a society or social group as a whole.As a result, the social rehabilitation of children with disabilities can function as active subjects of public relations.

Socialization includes education and training, but only reduce it to these processes is impossible, as it is carried out under the influence of many factors both controlled and directed, as well as emerging spontaneously.

Social rehabilitation of children with disabilities solves the problem of the general development of the child, instilling his work skills, forms the basis of correct behavior, teaches self-care, as well as helping in the orientation in everyday life and social adaptation.

As a result, social assistance equalized opportunities for disabled children - it is easier to overcome the difficulties of self-realization, to establish interaction with family and friends.The child is integrated into the joint activities such as children with disabilities.

One of the main problems of disabled children is a violation of their relationship with the world, poverty, contacts with peers, limiting mobility and contact with nature, the inaccessibility of cultural values, and many aspects of education.The task of any rehabilitation, including social, is to create an environment, performing rehabilitation function and contributing to the development of the child's potential.

a result of socialization prevents the loss of communication with the world of children.They have restored household and social activities in accordance with their potential.For the implementation of social assistance are special rehabilitation centers for disabled children, but often carry out rehabilitation and at home.

Methods of social rehabilitation of disabled children

medical measures aimed at the rehabilitation of children with disabilities, are the only basis for a long-term work on social adaptation.A child with disabilities must find their place in society and to demonstrate fully their own abilities.

Methods of social rehabilitation of children with disabilities are varied and include the following activities:

  • Preparations for education and assistance in enrolling in a special school;
  • development of physical and mental abilities of the child;
  • Creating opportunities for children with learning practical skills of the conditions that allow to participate in society;
  • Establishing the most comfortable contact with the outside world;
  • relief housing and living conditions;
  • Organization and leisure activities, as well as full participation in cultural and social life;
  • Support and recovery of moral and physical strength;
  • Inclusion in the rehabilitation process is not only the child but also his inner circle.

The Russian social policy for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities is based on the medical model of disability, that is, disability is seen as a disease, illness, pathology.This model reduces the social position of the disabled child and isolates him from the society of healthy children.

particularly acute this problem is felt in the field of education, where children with disabilities are special schools and health centers, isolating them from the society of healthy children and turn them into a minority discrimination rights.

task of social rehabilitation of children with disabilities - to remove the fear of the environment that is not available to emancipate the child and send it to the spiritual and physical strength for the development and display of talents and abilities.

alignment capabilities of children with disabilities is provided by social services, which organize the work with all the participants: the child, his family and closest associates.Parents receiving support, are starting to more objectively assess the problems associated with disabilities, are not confined to your child and show social activity.

cultural, educational and club events in which children with disabilities are involved, along with their parents, and healthy peers, help the child to acquire experience and activities in the team.

Thus, social rehabilitation helps children develop the necessary skills and abilities, as well as painlessly integrate into the society.

Rehabilitation of children with disabilities in

home Going with a child can be carried out not only in specialized rehabilitation centers for disabled children, but also at home.To do this, first of all, parents should consult a doctor and teacher-psychoneurologist that tell how and what to teach the child.

Given the specificity of the disturbed functions, the state intelligence and motor skills is determined by the main task of training.Please carefully examine the baby, and then make an individual phased training program.Most of the tasks at the beginning of training is carried out in the course of daily activities for child care.

to child showed their best, parents should:

  • Offer your child a variety of short tasks, alternate activities;
  • alternately use the new job already studied and lighter;
  • Evaluate the skills of self-service in a suitable environment;
  • Involve other family members to assess formed skills;
  • Assess new developments in the form of games;
  • Include in the training exercise the skills that contribute to the development of any functions relatively intact;
  • draw up a plan with the help of a teacher for 2-3 weeks in advance.

Parents should be prepared for some difficulties in the learning process, for example, a child does not want to perform the task, although it may, or it is difficult to focus.These and other problems can be solved by pre-teach a child to obey the requirements of adults, or consult the advice of a qualified professional.

Parents should divide the process into three stages of learning:

  • Explain to the child what to do;
  • render assistance if necessary;
  • Create Success situation and encourage the child to a quest.

Thus, the main goal of rehabilitation of disabled children, both at home and in institutions is to improve the quality of life and creating the conditions for equal opportunities with other members of society.This contributes to their integration into society and creates the foundation for future independent life.

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