9 - month-old baby - the development , nutrition, daily routine

In 9 months the child is able to deal: it is actively crawling, trying to wake up or is already self-supported.Some kids holding hands of parents can make the first clumsy steps in my room.

The nine children begin to show the character, for example, may turn away from cereals, requiring a delicious smoothie, or protesting against the carriage, trying to get out of it.Kids sleep less during the day and stay awake longer, and require a lot of parental attention and actively learn about the world.

physical and mental development of a 9-month-old baby

child's body weight for the ninth month of life increased by about 500, the average baby born at 3.2-3.5 kg now weighs 9-9.5 kg.Growth of 9-month-old baby is 70-72 cm. The boys, usually 1-2 cm above the girls.

In the ninth month the children already know how to sit well, can easily go from a sitting position, and then just as easily sit down.Hands of the baby matured to such an extent that he could stand up, holding on to the arena, armchair or sofa, but

a long time to stand on legs it is difficult, so it often falls, releasing the support, and then gets up, repeating the same action over and over again.

continued development of a child's speech, and in his vocabulary, new words, "am", "woman", "let", etc.Kid tries to model his own voice, speaking softly or loudly.

in educating a child at this age are the two main objectives:

  • development of speech and language;
  • Formation of purposeful movements.

Communicating with your baby, read his books, you must try to get the child repeat certain sounds and syllables.

For children 9 months pronounced observant and imitative response, they look at the parents and try to repeat them.Using this feature, you can teach a child to a new, more complex operations, for example, put in a bucket of toys, or to get them out of the closet.

In 9 months the child is able to perform these actions:

  • Clap hands;
  • standing with mom's help;
  • Play two toys in both hands;
  • crawl, holding in one hand the subject;
  • Copy the behavior and emotions of other children;
  • says "Mom", "woman", "dad", "am", "give";
  • Perform simple request;
  • Simulate someone coughing, laughing or sneezing;
  • Carefully choose toys for the game.

Mode 9-month-old baby

In the day time baby 9 months of virtually no change.The child still wakes up around 6-7 o'clock in the morning and goes to sleep about 22 hours.Number of feedings per day remains the same - 5 times.

saved three day sleep for 1.5-2 hours, but some children can go on a one-time 2, and the duration of each is somewhat increased and is 2-2.5 hours mode 9-month-old baby.

waking periods are becoming more prolonged, and after feeding the baby does not sleep for 1.5-2 hours, and sometimes more.It is a time filled game and communicating with parents.

Morning crumbs traditionally begins with washing, with 9 months you can try to put your baby on the potty in the morning.

conducted tempering procedures, morning gymnastics and massage in the morning.

Walk with the child should be at least 2-3 times a day.The walk, especially in the summer, should be 2.5-3 hours.

can be carried out traditional bath before going to bed less, because the baby has grown.But water treatments for crumbs at this age becomes a real joy.Therefore, many parents continue to bathe the children every day.

After bathing, you must adhere to a specific bedtime ritual - sing a lullaby, a pat on the head or shake the child.So the baby will fall asleep faster.

Features 9-month-old baby diet and menu

Until the year baby eats 5 times a day, and with each month diet should become more diverse, and close to the adult food.

is still breast milk or adapted milk formula basis menu 9-month-old baby.These add various cereals, especially useful buckwheat, corn, oats and rice.The vegetable menu toddler present cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, squash, zucchini, green beans, and potatoes, and lettuce.

allowed only useful cooking methods: steaming, baking or decoction.The kid at this age it is better not to salt food, and to make it less sweet, you can add to a dish fresh greens.For example, carefully chop the parsley and mix it with mashed potatoes.

In 9 months the child is able to chew your food, but it does not mean that it is possible to give food pieces.It is enough to change the consistency of mashed potatoes, not wiping it through a sieve, and kneading with a fork or spoon.

should continue to teach the baby to eat with a spoon, but you must be patient, because trying to imitate adults, children are not always immediately cope with the complex skill of management cutlery.

Sample menu 9-month-old baby looks like this:

  • 6.00 - 200 g of breast milk or formula;
  • 10.00 - 120-130 g dairy porridge with fruit puree or butter;
  • 14.00 - 150 grams of mashed vegetables, a steam cutlet of meat or fish, egg yolk (every other day), juice or fruit juice;
  • 18.00 - 120 g of breast milk or formula, 50 grams of cheese, biscuits and fruit juice;
  • 22.00 - 200 grams of breast milk or formula.

should focus on the child as an appetite and tastes in all children differently when drawing up the menu.

Developing games for the 9-month-old baby

mode 9-month-old baby more time when he is awake.Knowing how to crawl, the baby can easily commute to different parts of the apartment, so for them to be supervised.The territory on which moves the crumbs must be as safe as possible.

Satisfy the needs of the child in the knowledge of possible permanent games, examining of illustrated books about animals, insects, household items.Also very informative nature walks, especially in the spring and summer.The kid needs to be told about everything that surrounds it.

Very useful using games to develop fine motor skills of hands, using as auxiliary materials large beads, buttons, pebbles, cereals and other items.Since children at this age tend to try all tastes, you should carefully watch the baby so that he accidentally swallowed a small object.

in 9 months with a child it is possible to play hide and seek.A special delight of the crumbs is the situation when an adult is hiding around the corner, and then, pointing to the second chirp "cuckoo".

correct mode of the day not only improves the mood of the child, but also gives freedom to his parents.Baby gets healthy habits and skills, for example, washing in the morning and evening bathing, meals at a certain time, sleep and morning rise "on the clock".All of this will come in handy in the life of the child and the parents do not have problems with his learning the new rules at an older age.

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