Menu 8 month old baby - a balanced diet grudnichka

Power 8 month old baby is an important component of health.The kid has grown up, so it is necessary to introduce additional courses, to enrich the diet menu.We should not forget that the new products should gradually accustom a child, small portions.In the menu, 8 month old baby, in addition to fruits, vegetables, cereals, yogurt must also be present, meat, fish and bread.

Power 8 month old baby

In the first eight months of the baby saved five meals a day with a night break.The optimal interval between meals is four hours.At this age, it is important to feed the baby in one and the same time.If we stick to a permanent regime of the day, then the baby will be good to eat and sleep and while awake will be active and cheerful.

For the full development of diet 8 month old baby should consist of breast milk and complementary foods.Breastfeeding helps the formation of the immune system provides the body of the child useful antibodies.With their help, the baby produces immunity to various diseases.In addit

ion, breast milk contains:

  • proteins;
  • Fats;
  • Carbohydrates;
  • Enzymes;
  • antibodies;
  • Vitamins.

However, it can not fully meet the needs in proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins crumbs growing organism, so it is enough to keep only the morning and evening feeding, while others replace lure.In addition, the introduction of additional dishes allows to diversify the menu 8 month old baby.What foods should first introduce complementary foods at this age?

Specialists, nutritionists recommend starting with fermented milk products, since they are easily digested and absorbed.Also, the diet of 8 month old baby should begin gradually led meat (the best veal, turkey, chicken), egg yolk, bread and crackers.

In addition, the menu 8 month old baby is already possible to add some fish.This product, like meat, is a valuable protein source, fat, vitamins B1, B2, B12 and PP and mineral salts.In addition, fish is easier to digest than meat and fish oil contains fatty acid deficiency in which most often have babies, especially artificial feeding.Give the fish should be in the form of steam cutlets or cooked mass rubbed through a sieve.Since fish - a potential allergen, yet give her baby more than once a week is not worth it.

dietary 8 month old baby food should not be only a liquid or pureed carefully.As soon as he had the first teeth appear longer possible to use a large grater or chop the food into small pieces that the baby could chew.

Fruits and vegetables should be peeled.Meat and fish to cook as usual for the whole family, but do not add any spices.Then cut a small piece of the child and grind into a puree.Can be diluted with a small amount of vegetable broth, if necessary.Soup for the 8 month old baby cooked on meat broth.Sugar and salt should not be added food can spice butter or well cleaned vegetable (olive, sunflower or corn).

Menu 8 month old baby

In eight months the child appears thirst for new experiences, including food.Most often, the baby in this period, a good appetite, so he does not feel aversion to most foods.Although pipsqueak in this age will not give up the breast or bottle with the mixture, but it is more likely it quenches hunger by other food.The more time that it may already be feeding the same as the power for the entire family regime.

Sample menu 8 month old baby:

  • Breakfast - 6:00 PM.For the first meal after waking best most familiar to baby food - breast milk or a mixture (200 g);
  • Lunch - 10:00.The second meal is recommended to do more varied.This may be a dairy-free 150 grams of cereals, 50 g of breast milk and half the egg yolk;
  • Lunch -14: 00.In this age of kid lunch meal no longer resembles an adult.Preparing the soup for 8 month old baby on a meat broth or vegetable soup (150-180 g), and the second - 50 g of meat or fish.As recommended drinks milk or juice;
  • Snack - 18:00.You can pamper your child fruit (50 g) and then give to drink milk (150-180 g);
  • Dinner - 20:00.For dinner, it is best suited for your baby's milk or yogurt.To the child does not feel hungry and slept all night, it is enough 200 g

is worth noting that for the baby porridge cooked in milk or water, do not be amiss to add fruit puree them.The main group of vegetables, which is used in nutrition 8 month old baby - potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, they are not forbidden to mix in different variations.Can also be added to the core mixture is not more than 50 g of carrot, beet and cabbage, or green peas.

to new products added to the menu, 8 month old baby will used, they can be mixed into his favorite dish, gradually increasing the proportion.Sometimes children refuse a new food, not because it is tasteless, they just need to get used to it yet.

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