3 month-old baby - the physical and mental development

In 3 months the baby is actively growing and developing, learning new skills and abilities, acquainted with the surrounding world.The child already knows mother, father and other relatives of people trying to get up on the arms when lying on his stomach, rejoices, bursting into laughter, expresses dissatisfaction with a loud cry and whims.

At 3-month baby produces its own daily routine and diet, it is less and less sleep and more awake, and now he is interested not just lie down and touch the toy, to communicate with his mother and to look at the surroundings.

Development 3 month old baby

During these four weeks the child reaches the maximum weight gain and growth -. About 900 g and 2-2.5 cm Almost every day, the kid learns something new, and a list of his accomplishments is growing constantly.

most characteristic of the third month of a child's life is a "complex revitalization", when he is happy, actively moving his hands and feet when approaching the mother crib.This complex is indicative of nor

mal psycho-physical development of 3 month old baby.

When the baby is in an upright position in the hands of the parents, he was already quite confidently holds the head and lying on his stomach, trying to raise a little shoulder.If you put the baby on a hard surface, it rests on good feet.

child in 3 months it is not enough just to look at the toy, he now seeks to play with it.The child wakes up cognitive interest, he trains tactile sensations, strengthens the small muscles of the fingers.

Mode 3 month old baby is changing, it is less sleep and more awake, it is ready to talk, as he is more interested in the sounds around.If the kid hears a bell or a phone call, he was not just looking through the eyes of a sound source, but also tries to turn his head to see what is coming from.

At the end of 3 months of life the baby should be able to:

  • raises its head 45 ° while lying on his stomach;
  • Keep an eye out for items transferred to him in an arc at a distance of 15 cm from the face.

day mode 3 month old baby

Sleep and wakefulness at this age, as a rule, has already been formed.At night, the baby sleeps for 8-10 hours, occasionally waking porazmyatsya.Do not wake up the child at the slightest rustle, then over time it will cease to awaken.Despite the fact that the night's sleep is long enough, a pipsqueak sleeping during the day.Total on-3 month old baby sleeping on 3-4 day 1.5-2 hours.

As a rule, the best baby falls asleep and sleeping in the open air.Walking with your baby is recommended up to three times a day, and the total duration of the walk should be about 6 hours.It is recommended to walk in any weather, except for days when there is heavy rain or frost on the street below 10 ° C.

Day baby should begin with morning hygiene procedures: Mother washing his face and eyes by wiping them with a cotton pad soaked in pure water, as required cleans nose and ears.During the day you need to wash away the baby every time he goes to the toilet, using water and soap, if pokakal.

mode of the day 3-month baby deserves special attention session evening swim before bedtime.If the baby excessively excitable and long time can not calm down after a bath, you can bathe in the afternoon.A comfortable water temperature for baby - 37-38 ° C, add a good herbal teas, such as chamomile and succession.

Power 3 month old baby

feeding mode three baby depends on the method of feeding.Kids breastfed tend to eat on demand, that is, without any time limit.In another situation with bottle-babies,.It is recommended to feed 6 times a day every 3.5 hours, taking a break at six o'clock at night.Premature and weakened children require more frequent feedings - 7 times every three hours.

Other features Power 3 month old baby are strictly individual.For example, children with poor appetite or lack of weight gain is established your feeding mode.Once introduced solid foods, they are transferred to the power every 4 hours, five times a day, night break is 8 hours.

amount of liquid needed baby is determined by health, feeding the nature and climatic conditions of residence.1 kg of body weight, typically 100-120 mL of liquid is required.If the baby feels thirst, it is assigned an additional 50 to 200 ml per day.Water baby given between feedings or during nighttime awakenings 1-2 tsp.

Nutrition 3 month old baby - is, first of all, the mother's milk.Recent studies have shown that should be fed exclusively with breast milk for the first 3-4 months of the baby.Early solid foods in the form of juices and purees can cause allergic reactions or digestive disorders.

introduction of complementary foods from 3.5 months is justified only in case of insufficient weight gain, while rickets symptoms or anemia, as well as when the baby is in an artificial or mixed feeding.

Lure introduced cautiously, starting with a few drops of juice diluted with boiled water or a teaspoon of fruit puree without sugar.In the absence of allergic and other reactions after 3-5 days can increase the amount of the proposed feeding.

begin better with the apple and then gradually introduce the baby to other fruit and vegetable juices.Before the introduction of any foods you should consult your pediatrician.

Educational activities and games for baby 3 months

Games and development activities are essential baby three months, as his skills improved with every passing day, the formation of new conditioned reflexes, develop personality traits.

in the development of 3 month old baby a major role is still played on sessions focusing view.It is necessary to stimulate the baby's eyes fix on different subjects - still and moving.For example, you can offer your child to watch the colorful toy, moving it in different directions.

Musical toys, emits a different sound, it is also interested in the crumbs, because they develop not only attention and vision of the child, but also to the ear.Various rattles and bells can be hung on a crib.Then the baby will hear them while driving, and eventually try to grasp what is good preventive hyper.

Tactile sensations for children 3 months are also very important.Baby can learn about the different materials and objects, offering him different in texture, shape and size of toys.

Any desire to move the baby should be encouraged, because thanks to this he will learn over time to roll, crawl and sit.Little need to motivate, to attract his attention, for example, putting a number of bright toy that he wants to see and be pulled closer to her.

mode 3 month old baby should not only sleep and feeding, but also games, and chat with my mother, because only in this way the baby will be properly and fully develop and quickly learn age appropriate skills.

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