11 - month-old baby - nutrition and daily routine

At the age of 1 year old baby is growing and developing.At 11 months he already sits confidently, creep, learning to talk and walk.Spoken words of other people for it is not just a set of sounds he can distinguish quite a few of them.11-month-old baby is well aware of the value of words such as "yes", "can", "give", "no" and "no".Vocabulary crumbs replenished every day, he tries to say some words quite deliberately.Parents should talk often with your child, explain to him his actions and deeds, it is in this period that he learns to perceive and evaluate the reality around him.

Educational games are an integral part of life growing up personality, survived the "Okay" and "forty-crow" cause almost one year old children an indescribable joy, he tries to repeat after adult familiar to him turns of phrase and moves her fingers and arms in time to the words.

Many parents are faced with the fact that the 11-month-old baby does not sleep well at night.In this case, the reason may be hiding either in the emot

ional sphere, or the kid concerned some physical factors.The activity of the child before bedtime is the most common reason for the 11-month-old baby does not sleep well at night, it is fairly easy to remove.All active games should occur in the daytime, it is also desirable to eliminate feeding the baby immediately before laying.

soothing massage before bed can help your child to relax, as well as water treatment.If the kid bothers some physical factor, for example, growing teeth, with a night vigil temporarily have to accept.It is also the cause of poor sleep 11-month-old baby can be a lack of vitamins and microelements, so consultation with a pediatrician in this case will not be superfluous.

Physical development of 11-month-old baby

often before the age of 1, most children have already carried out their first steps, and some even stepping confidently.11-month-old baby is actively seeking to walk, but not everyone succeeds.Do not be upset if the crumbs it is impossible to stand and walk for long periods, it may take a little time, and he fully mastered this skill.

crawl and walk on all fours in a child 11 months already precisely knows, sometimes behind it even difficult for adults to keep up.Little can be taught to carry out flip-flops back and forth, roll from stomach to back and back.Excellent develops the vestibular apparatus and the coordination of movements of the child walking on a log or any other narrow surface.The parents, holding pens crumbs, should help him to carry out such a promenade, which will undoubtedly have appealed to him.

Do not forget the gym for children, regularly carried out exercises will help your child feel better your body, legs and arms control, will develop its overall motility.

Developing games for 11-month-old baby

learn about the world, develop fine motor skills, and each time discovering something new and interesting to help a variety of educational games, the main thing to choose them accordingwith the age of the child.11-month-old baby can perfectly manipulate cubes and pyramids, build of them different designs.Such seemingly simple games develop spatial thinking toddler.He realizes that one large or several small structures can be folded out of the objects of different sizes.

children at this age enjoy playing with bulk products - beans, peas and corn, they looked pour from one vessel to another, mixed with each other, and sorted into a separate container for each species.Finger play, a joint reading of fairy tales and poems also help develop the younger child.

11-month-old baby can learn to play with a ball, throw it up, catch and throw.Also, baby like to play in the emerging rug, which is equipped with a variety of different items, both large and small, as well as toys with sound.

Power 11-month-old baby

At the age of 11 months baby is already familiar with the lure, eats fruit and vegetable purees, juices and dairy products.His attitude to food in this age of change, he distinguishes the taste and know what foods he likes.He is actively exploring all that lies on a plate in the parents, so you can not be afraid to offer crumbs to try something new.In addition, 11 months is the very age when the child can begin weaning from breastfeeding.

Menu 11-month-old baby can diversify boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, steamed, boiled whole vegetables, fresh fruit, soups, chicken and bread.Adult food is not quite suited to the kid, because in the diet 11-month-old baby in a limited number shall contain salt and sugar, fatty and fried foods, and all should be excluded.Since the baby at this age are actively growing teeth, food can not be too finely Mashed.However, the meat in the 11-month-old baby menu should be dismantled on the fibers, the baby is not yet able to cope with it on their own.

With five-single diet kid goes to a four-11 months.This time can be stressful for the crumbs, so giving up an evening snack should be smooth, before going for some time, he may be given a glass of milk with a children's biscuits.

11 months - the age of the discoveries, new opportunities and skills for the child.The world is gradually becoming clear to him, he learns to speak and walk, showing independence and interest in new subjects.Parents should be given to their babies as much attention, because the time together is the key to a trusting relationship in the future.Do not underestimate the possibility of 11-month-old child, overprotection can play a negative role in the education, because the child will be difficult to learn independence in older age.It is equally important for the baby's communication with peers and adults outsiders, it's not far off a hike in kindergarten, where his social adaptation begins.

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