What should be the mode of the day 2 month old baby

Two months old - a truly golden age of the person.Sleep time is shortened from eighteen to fourteen or sixteen hours.The development comes at a heightened pace, 2 month old baby grows to 5 cm and is gaining weight around 1 kg.

development of the musculoskeletal system 2 month old baby

Kid not only gaining muscle mass, but it gets the power that tries to use.Well developed grasping reflex allows you to lift the 2 month old baby with two fingers from the floor or crib.The muscles of the arms and legs of the baby are in a state of heightened tone, so in this period determined by innate reflexes, that will soon disappear.

same time strengthens the smooth muscles, not subject to random movements.Laxation becomes more active, child less and less concerned about the bloating.

swallowing muscles are developed to such an extent that the 2 month old baby easily "produces" milk from the mother's breast.This velum continues to be in a good condition.This is an important factor for the baby, because that makes

the 2 month-old baby, as opposed to an adult?Baby can suckle and breathe through the nose at the same time.

Digestive System 2 month old baby

When breastfeeding stomach 2 month old baby produced a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid.It is enough to digest mother's milk.If a 2 month old baby is bottle-fed - hydrochloric acid is produced any more.With age, a child receives a predisposition to duodenal ulcer, so all the "bottle-" during the transition to solid food is not recommended sharp fried food almost to adulthood.

What makes the 2 month old baby

By two months of age a child can do many movements that were before him not under force.Kid freely holding the head, and when you turn on the stomach raises it.If a 2 month old baby for a while to keep upright, he can stand, leaning on their feet, and turn his head to see an object.

Bright toys chained baby attention, he is able to watch them for a long time.Visual system develops, the child is perfectly distinguishes colors of objects.If you have bright toys have sound - it strengthens the oculomotor muscles, which will undoubtedly have an invaluable service to the child in the future.

Movement 2 month old baby become meaningful.Now the baby can hold the toy, rotate it, shake, throw.

Emotions 2 month old baby

newborn becomes a small man, with all its joys and sorrows.The voice of the kid gets a clear emotional.Parents have to understand, when the child was dissatisfied with something.Attentive mother could even identify the cause of this dissatisfaction.When a tummy ache, a child cries is not as if irritated by bright light or sharp sound.If the kid is calling, demanding attention, his voice is different from screaming hungry baby.In a good mood 2 month old baby makes sounds, reminiscent of some words.This is called Gulen.

kid starts to smile is not just because he feels quite comfortable, 2 month old baby, thus, welcomes the people close to him.First of all, mom.

daily routine 2 month old baby

With two months is necessary to establish the date of the child's treatment, not because you need to cook it from a soldier, it is necessary that parents have time to make all the necessary manipulation without compromising the health of the baby.2 daily routine monthly child must include the following activities:

  • sleep time and wakefulness;
  • Feeding;
  • Walking;
  • bathing, massage and hygienic procedures.

Development strict daily routine usually fail and cause a complete disappointment and rejection of parents baby.Every child is different, so adjust one size fits all children did not work.However, it is necessary to work out the main points and tie them to specific events.The biggest success is the establishment of nighttime sleep duration, at least seven hours.If the child falls asleep, taking the chest for a brief period of time, gently wake him.The kid does not understand, he had eaten or not, perhaps, as a sleep aid load sucking reflex.Calmed and putting the child to bed, then you can give yourself a sleepless night.After making 2 month old baby, asleep hungry?She wakes up and demands food.Tired and sleepy, he again could not get enough.Thus a vicious circle that must tear at the very beginning.To do this, not to tire the kid to such an extent that he took the breast, he immediately falls asleep.

The child develops a certain dynamic stereotype, based on a chain of conditioned reflexes.So, 2 month old baby knows that immediately after swimming, they would give him the chest, then was packed bed.Parents should keep in mind that a breach of the dynamic stereotype negates all attempts to establish a daily routine 2 month old baby because the baby does not know what adults plans changed.They need to bathe the baby before the baby and the body already set to feeding after a bath and sleep for a period of 6-7 hours.If swimming occurs on two or three hours earlier, respectively, after the child falls asleep and wakes up exactly after a certain time.

Walking in the fresh air as deposited in the memory of the baby.And stay on the street for a 2 month old baby is not so interesting for a teenager.Tiny, often falls asleep.This should be considered in the daily routine.Good night's sleep, the baby will not sleep at home.On the other hand, no sleep in the open air, the child will be deprived of something important, something he can not understand yet.Therefore, regardless of the weather, walking should be organized.Under adverse conditions should suit the baby and place the wheelchair on the porch, in the loggia, under the canopy at a particular time, to which the child is accustomed.

Bathing should be organized so that the baby is happy attitude to this procedure.If, as a little boy, he remembered only at the level of unconditioned reflexes: cold - hot water burns - do not sting eyes, now, to two months of age, the kid already knows who he bathes, what kind of music is played.All these little things, of course, influence the formation of taste and discipline.

Massage should be pleasant and not to bring negative emotions.When a child is tired, should stop the occupation, despite the fact that "it should" just so many minutes and not a second less.

hygiene: washing away, cleaning ears and nose, cutting the nails - should also be accompanied by positive emotions.

With two months of age begins to take shape the human psyche, so the parents is very important in this period, all the necessary steps to accompany the only positive emotions.

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