How to determine the gestational age - monthly , ultrasound , HCG

In the first months of intrauterine life fetal development is rapid.Almost every week there is a bookmark, and the development of internal and external organs and systems.Future baby in proportion to increases in size and weight.As the change of its requirements of certain chemical elements, and a pregnant woman appointed folic acid, iodine preparations and certain diet.That's why for the management of pregnancy it is necessary to know the exact date.How to determine the gestational age?

Determination of gestational age on monthly

Since the beginning of the pregnancy, menstruation ceases, the date of last discharge - the most common argument obstetricians.Obstetric period is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period and usually ahead of the actual gestational age of 14 days, since ovulation does not have to at the beginning and in the middle of the menstrual cycle.The method of determining gestational age by month is used to calculate the date of delivery.To do this takes the start d

ate of the last cycle, it is deducted from the three months, then added one week.This data, in turn, is required to calculate the timing of maternity leave.However, in rare cases after conception smearing can occur monthly, and it could seriously affect the outcome.

When calculating the duration of pregnancy may be taken into account and the time of the first stirring of the fetus, which comes to 20 weeks in nulliparous and 18 at the second and subsequent births week.But this factor very subjective, because some mothers did not immediately notice the perturbation, and some, on the contrary, make them work for the digestive system.Therefore, the first stirring may be clarifying factor in determining gestational age, but not decisive.

How to determine the gestational age on the size of the uterus

Up to 8 weeks obstetrician may, by vaginal examination to determine the time of pregnancy up to a week.To do this, the doctor conducts and evaluates the palpation of the uterus size.In 4 weeks, it reaches a diameter of a chicken egg, in 8 weeks - goose.After 8 weeks uterine size in different women at the same gestational age may differ.Moreover, if pregnancy is prolific, the uterus is further increased.However, for up to 8 weeks uterine dimensions - it is more reliable indicator than the previous ones.

How to determine the gestational age by ultrasound

Ultrasonography in the first months of gestation to determine fetal age up to one day, but only up to 8-12 weeks.After this period, the accuracy of the method is reduced by several times, for example, in the period 36-38 weeks ultrasound to determine gestational age only up to 1-2 weeks.How to determine the gestational age by ultrasound in the first trimester?The fact that the US - the exact method, but not absolutely perfect.When the embryo barely 2-3 weeks (which is approximately the same as the first days of delay), ultrasound machine can only see the fertilized egg, and if you try to take a picture of the uterus, then just make out a small dot.However, at this early period the machine does not always determine the presence of an embryo.Much more likely to see the unborn child on the ultrasound to assess the duration of pregnancy and after 4 weeks of gestation.Although during this period the size of the embryo is only 3-4 mm.What to do if you missed the first scheduled screening, and the exact date of conception you not known?How to determine the gestational age by ultrasound in this case?In the second trimester, the main indicator is the average size of the inner diameter of the ovum, or coccyx-parietal embryo size.These data allow us to determine the time of pregnancy up to 6 days.In the third trimester as the main indicator of fetal cerebellum size is accepted.

How to determine the gestational age at

HCG HCG - an abbreviation that stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.HCG is a hormone that is produced starts after embryo implantation into the uterine wall.How to determine the gestational age on the hCG?hormone production begins 6-8 days after fertilization and increases with time.It is the presence of hCG in the blood and urine react popular drugstore pregnancy tests - both paper and electronic.The hormone hCG is required to maintain a normal pregnancy.In the first weeks of gestation the level can double every 2-3 days, the growth stops at the end of the second month of pregnancy, after which the rate begins to decrease gradually.When multiple pregnancy hormone level increases in proportion to the amount of fruit, for example, when two fruits - twice.Determination of gestational age on the HCG helps when the ultrasound machine is still not always able to see the fruit, but only if the unborn child is under 5 weeks.

Clearblue with the definition of the term pregnancy

Modern tests for pregnancy can not only find out whether your cherished started 9 months, but also to determine at what period you are.And one of such tests - the definition of the Clearblue pregnancy.

In appearance it is similar to a conventional digital test - the narrow end should be immersed in a container of urine for 20 seconds.If you have activated the test correctly, the display will arise "hourglass" icon.Now for a few minutes the test will show a plus in the case of pregnancy, and negative when its absence.Under a positive result after a few seconds, the information on the term - it may be 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks or 3 weeks or more.

Clearblue with the definition of pregnancy is relevant already for 4 days prior to the intended delay.In contrast, tests with strips, the Clearblue gives unambiguous and clear answer, which will be visible on the screen for 24 hours.

Each of the contact methods for the determination of pregnancy is effective on its stage.For example, at the very early stages - and it Clearblue tests for hCG.For a period of 5-8 weeks - is obstetric method for determining the size of the uterus.For a period of 8 weeks, and then the most reliable method is the ultrasound.

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