Emergency cesarean section - causes and consequences

Not many people realize that this way of carrying out the birth as cesarean section was known in antiquity.The first mention in history of caesarean section can be regarded as an ancient Greek myth of Dionysus, who, according to legend, was removed from the womb of his mother who died and thus saved from imminent death.

Roman doctors also performed a Cesarean section to save the child's life, when his mother died during childbirth.Only in the XVII century, physicians began to operate on living women trying to save not only the child but also the mother.However, in most cases, mothers have died both during and after surgery.The situation radically changed with the beginning of "the era of antibiotics" in the last century.

Already in the middle of the XX century, doctors were able to improve the process of caesarean section that has contributed to a significant reduction in maternal mortality.While modern doctors and do not see anything extraordinary in the cesarean section, many expectant mothers and a

ll fear for the outcome of the birth.

Emergency cesarean section

Medical statistics show that Caesarean section - is the most popular abdominal surgery among women.Even during pregnancy gynecologist antenatal clinic can identify the indications for surgery.In this case, the expectant mother is prescribed elective caesarean section.Where do the surgery, each woman decides for itself, but in any case before the Caesarean section future mother must undergo a medical examination.

Often doctors maternity ward encounter situations when it is in the process of giving birth to have to resort to using an emergency caesarean section.As a rule, the need for urgent surgery and cesarean section occurs when labor can not be solved in a natural way, without prejudice to the life or health of the mother and child.

Unlike elective caesarean section, indications for emergency surgery may arise directly during childbirth.It also happens that a woman begins to give birth naturally, but after a while the doctors it is clear that without a cesarean child can not be born.

In fact, the main difference between an emergency Caesarean section on elective surgery can be considered that this type of surgery, doctors use directly during childbirth if there are complications that threaten the lives and health of mothers and fetus.Moreover, indications for emergency caesarean section can be a problem not only with the health of the mother but also the baby.

Indications for emergency caesarean section

Indications for emergency surgery may arise on the part of a woman in labor, for example, due to complications on the background of existing diseases and abnormalities.Problems can occur with the child's state of health.So why do a cesarean section during labor, which began in a natural way:

  • Immediate surgery was shown in the case where during childbirth doctor discovers that the internal dimensions of the pelvis mothers do not correspond to the size of the fetus.Even in normal labor, when contractions are in full swing and has already happened dilatation, the baby's head can not move through the birth canal.This happens if mothers have anatomical abnormalities that could not be determined before birth, as well as large amounts of fruit.For this situation, use the term "clinically narrow pelvis";
  • Emergency Caesarean section is performed at preterm rupture of membranes, where there is no effect of the pharmacological stimulation of labor.After the rupture of the amniotic fluid, the fetus can not simply remain in the uterus without protection from infections, so there is a need for immediate surgery;
  • not avoid surgery and the detection of anomalies in the development of labor.Modern doctors almost always stimulate generic activities with the help of medication.It so happens that, even under the influence of drugs at the health care fight mothers weak and non-durable.This happens all the time, because due to some factors, such as excessive nervous tension, or malformations of the uterus;
  • Lost Communication uterine wall and the placenta could be an indication for an emergency cesarean section.Placental abruption during vaginal delivery can hurt like a mother giving birth, and the fetus, as accompanied by the appearance of bleeding;
  • Emergency caesarean section do and because of uterine rupture, although the birth trauma is extremely rare.If uterine rupture, as in placental abruption, offers serious bleeding;
  • Emergency Caesarean section is performed in acute fetal hypoxia, as well as in the case of loss or previa cord loops.It so happens that due to the complex arrangement of fetal umbilical cord loops are too closely spaced from the walls of the pelvis, fetal head blocked.In this case we say that the cord loop predlezhat before the head of the child.
  • operation to do in the event of disease, such as preeclampsia.The disease most often develops on the background of violations of the kidneys during the second half of pregnancy and results in an increase in blood pressure, in convulsions, as well as increasing the protein content in the urine;

above are presented only the main reasons why a cesarean during natural childbirth.However, during labor may be other indications for emergency surgery.Neither the doctor nor a woman in labor itself can not anticipate how the end delivery.

doubt, in medical practice, every obstetrician there are times when seemingly successful natural childbirth ended with emergency caesarean section.There is an opinion that is better to give birth in private clinics.Of course, to compare the conditions of the hospital with an average paid medical institution makes no sense.

However, it should be noted that regardless of where they make a cesarean section - in a conventional hospital or clinic in the elite foreign, unforeseen complications can arise during surgery.In this case, a much more important role to play not a single large chamber, the comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff, and medical professionalism and its ability to make the right decisions in emergency situations.

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