Signs of abnormalities in the mental development of the child

believed that abnormalities in the mental development of the child to distinguish at an early age is impossible, and any inappropriate behavior is seen as a children's whim.However, many mental disorders specialists can already be noted in the newborn, which allows time to begin treatment.

Neuropsychological symptoms of mental disorders in children

Doctors identified a number of syndromes - mental characteristics of children, the most common at different ages.Syndrome is a functional deficiency of subcortical brain structures develop in utero.It is characterized by:

  • Emotional instability, manifested in frequent changes of mood;
  • Increased fatigue and the associated low capacity for work;
  • pathological stubbornness and laziness;
  • sensitivity, moodiness and lack of control in the behavior;
  • Long enuresis (often - 10-12 years old);
  • Underdevelopment fine motor skills;
  • manifestations of psoriasis and allergies;
  • Violations of appetite and sleep;
  • Slow formation of graphic activity (drawing, writing);
  • Tiki, grimacing, outcries, uncontrollable laughter.

syndrome quite difficult to correct because of the fact that the frontal lobes are not formed, most deviations in mental development of the child accompanied by intellectual impairment.

Disgenetichesky syndrome associated with functional deficiency of brain stem structures, may occur in children up to 1.5 years.Its main features are:

  • disharmonious psychic development with a shift stages;
  • Facial asymmetry, abnormal growth of teeth and a violation of the body of the formula;
  • difficulty falling asleep;
  • abundance of age spots and moles;
  • distortion motor development;
  • diathesis, allergies and disorders in the endocrine system;
  • problems in the formation of neatness skills;
  • faecal incontinence or enuresis;
  • Distorted pain threshold;
  • Violation of phonemic analysis, school maladjustment;
  • memory selectivity.

Mental characteristics of children with the syndrome are difficult to correct.Teachers and parents must provide the child's neurological health and the development of his vestibular-motor coordination.It should also be borne in mind that emotional disorders are amplified against the background of fatigue and exhaustion.

syndrome associated with the aborted function of the right hemisphere of the brain, can occur from 1.5 to 7-8 years.Deviations in the mental development of the child appear as:

  • Mosaic perception;
  • Violation of emotion differentiation;
  • confabulation (fantasy, fiction);
  • Violations color discrimination;
  • errors in the assessment of angles, distances, and proportions;
  • distortion of memories;
  • The feeling of multiplicity of limbs;
  • Violations statement stresses.

To correct the symptoms and reduce the severity of mental disorders in children is necessary to ensure the neurological health of the child and to give special attention to the development of visual-figurative and visual-thinking, spatial representation, visual perception and memory.

also secrete a number of syndromes that develop from 7 to 15 years due to:

  • birth trauma cervical spinal cord;
  • General anesthesia;
  • concussion;
  • emotional stress;
  • intracranial pressure.

To correct deviations in the mental development of the child requires a set of measures aimed at the development of hemispheric cooperation and ensure the child's neurological health.

Mental characteristics of children of different ages

most important in the development of a small child up to 3 years is the communication with the mother.That lack of maternal care, love and communication, many doctors consider the basis for the development of various mental disorders.The second reason for the doctors referred to a genetic predisposition, transmitted to children by their parents.

early childhood period is called somatic when the development of mental functions directly related to the movements.The most typical manifestations of mental disorders in children include the digestive and sleep disorders, wince at the sharp sounds, monotonous lament.Therefore, if the baby is disturbed for a long time, you should consult a doctor who will diagnose the problem, or, or allay fears of parents.

Children aged 3-6 years are developing quite actively.Psychologists describe this period as psychomotor as a reaction to stress can manifest itself in the form of stuttering, tics, nightmares, neuroticism, irritability, mood disorders and anxiety.Typically, this period is sufficiently intense, as usual at this time, the child begins to attend pre-schools.

adaptation Easy to children's team depends largely on the psychological, social and intellectual training.Mental abnormalities in children of this age may be due to high loads to which they are not prepared.Hyperactive children is quite difficult to get used to the new rules, requiring perseverance and concentration.

At the age of 7-12 years of mental disorders in children may be manifested as a depressive disorder.Quite often for assertion children choose friends with similar problems and way of expression.But more often nowadays kids replace real communication virtual social networks.The impunity and anonymity of such communication contribute to further alienation and existing disorder can progress rapidly.Furthermore, prolonged concentrated before finding screen affects the brain and can cause seizures.

deviations in mental development of the child at this age, in the absence of reaction from adults, can lead to quite serious consequences, including sexual development disorders and suicide.It is also important to monitor the behavior of the girls, who are often in this period begin to be dissatisfied with their appearance.This may develop anorexia nervosa, which is a severe psychosomatic disorder that can irreversibly disrupt the metabolic processes in the body.

doctors also note that at this time of mental disorders in children can develop into schizophrenia symptomatic period.If time does not respond, the pathological fantasy overvalued and hobbies can turn into delusions hallucinations, changes in thinking and behavior.

deviations in mental development of the child may be manifested in different ways.In some cases, fear of parents for their joy is not confirmed, and sometimes really need medical attention.Treatment of mental disorders can and should be performed only by a specialist with sufficient experience for the correct diagnosis, and in many ways the success depends not only on well-chosen drugs, but also on family support.

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