How to return to normal life after caesarean section

In modern obstetric cesarean section has become such a common practice that has ceased to be regarded as a complex surgery, allowed only in extreme cases.Expectant mothers themselves often regard this transaction as an alternative to natural and painful childbirth, without thinking about the possible complications and a long recovery period.Meanwhile, birth by Caesarean section - a vicious circle: the second birth after the operation, as a rule, also pass through the incision, and to give birth to a third child is no longer recommended.How do I actually feel the woman after cesarean section, the difficulties it faces and how to overcome them?

Complications after surgery

As with any surgery, cesarean section is fraught with complications.One of the most common problems - blood loss.If natural birth it is about 200-250 ml, with the operative can reach 0.5-1 liter.

Many women after cesarean adhesions occur in the intestines.Small adhesions typically do not cause trouble, but strongly expressed provoke

problems with a chair and digestion, as well as abdominal pain.To get rid of them, need physiotherapy, in severe cases - surgery.

Another possible complication of cesarean section - the risk of infection and inflammation of the uterus.To avoid it, the woman usually prescribe antibiotics that impede breastfeeding.

Finally, for a complete reduction of the woman's uterus after cesarean section may need to undergo rehabilitation therapy, as the intersection of the uterine muscle contractility violated her.While a natural birth without stimulating the uterus is compressed under the action of oxytocin reflex.

Life after cesarean

operation may take place under general anesthesia or under the influence of epidural anesthesia.And in fact, and in another case, in the first hours after birth newfound mother waiting for discomfort.In the case of general anesthesia is nausea, vomiting, pressure surges, hallucinations.In the case of epidural anesthesia - body numb from the abdomen to the legs, with the first 12 hours of pain relief have to hold still on his back.

Immediately after surgery, it seems that a normal life after cesarean never come.A woman can not get out of bed without assistance.At best it will be possible to get up after a few hours after the operation, in the worst - after a few days.In any case, the first attempt to climb accompanied by dizziness, weakness.

seam - this is probably the main thing that overshadows life after caesarean section.Once the anesthesia ceases to exist, it makes itself felt unbearable pain, in which case the doctor prescribes an injection of anesthetic directly into the joint area.In the first week after cesarean incision was treated with antiseptic preparations.During this period, the seams can not be washed, or hurt in any way injure.When well-healed scar sutures removed 8-10 days after surgery.If the inflamed joints, remove them before to exudate does not accumulate in the wound area.Because a woman can get a shower only after complete healing of the joint, the only way to personal hygiene is wiping with a damp cloth.

Many women after childbirth experience difficulty with urination and bowel movement.In the case of caesarean section, these problems are exacerbated: in the early days of a woman putting a catheter prescribe laxatives or enemas.

Life after caesarean section requires a special diet.If natural childbirth a woman in labor can eat immediately after rest and sleep enough, you can only drink water with lemon juice, then in the normal state of health to try chicken soup with crushed with a meat, cheese or low-fat yogurt, juice without sugar after cesarean in the first day.Approximately 4-5 hours, with the restoration of normal motility, you can proceed to the usual diet based on breastfeeding.By the way, milk after cesarean section appears generally 4-5 hours, because the hormone responsible for lactation is produced later than a natural birth.

major limitation in ordinary life after caesarean section - is lifting weights.Ideally, it is recommended to raise no more than 2 kg, but the newborn usually weighs 3-4 kg, and this weight is limited.Moderate physical activity is encouraged after a caesarean, but before you perform basic abdominal exercises, you need to wait at least two months, otherwise it is fraught with divergent seams.

Caesarean section and sexuality

Will my caesarean section and sexual life?The fact that after the operation the uterus susceptible to infections.At the moment of separation of the placenta from the uterus forms a wound that bleeds and gradually delayed for 6-8 weeks.This bleeding is called lochia.When bleeding can lead to inflammation of any factors - sexual activity, use of tampons, a violation of the rules of hygiene, low immunity.To avoid infection, which is at least two to three months for cesarean section is doubly dangerous, doctors recommend to postpone the resumption of sexual relations.The main signal for the onset of sexual activity after cesarean section lochia would cease.

return to sexual activity after cesarean section complicated and psychological reasons.Many women feel awkward, embarrassed because of the joints, stretch marks, excess weight, and often denied her husband in the vicinity of the banal fatigue.At the first contact after cesarean woman feels pain.This happens for two reasons - discomfort from the physical exertion of muscles and connective tissue tension.If you can relax the muscles at will, then to stretch the connective tissue and ligaments, on the contrary, it is necessary to show sexual activity.

Caesarean section requires a difficult and long recovery period, not to mention the need to care for a newborn.So the main thing is needed by a new mother - is the concern and support of loved ones.And then she will be able to successfully overcome all the hardships of life after caesarean section.

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