Effective ways to improve self-esteem

Self-esteem of man - is his attitude toward the self, which is formed by evaluating their good and bad qualities.However, this opinion is formed not only from the subjective view of the individual themselves, but also from a number of factors, which have different effects on the development and adoption of self-esteem.Understated presentation of his own person man fraught with rather serious problems in his daily life, as well as psychologically.That is why the increase in self-esteem in psychology is considered to be a very important factor in achieving harmony with oneself and a happy human existence as a whole.

What prevents self-esteem

Before considering the most effective ways to improve the self-esteem of the person, it is necessary to understand what are the main reasons preventing a person to feel confidence.

should be noted that sometimes the sources are unreasonably low self-esteem in childhood man that is due, as a rule, the ratio of parent to child and education methods.But it also happe

ns that this complex is developed over the years, that is, it provokes a variety of life circumstances.And if a person does not find the strength to deal with the problem, eventually it will only get worse, actively promoting and developing an inferiority complex.

Consider the most common causes that prevent the self-esteem of the person:

  • Negative sentiment surrounding;
  • Criticism of other people;
  • Fixation on their own failures;
  • Constant comparison of yourself to others;
  • Too high priorities.

In fact, negative people in the community is much more than those who are trying in every way to cheer and inspire confidence in the near.Therefore, an increase in self-esteem psychology is often associated with the environment of man.If it is constantly convinced that he is doing poorly or incorrectly, he gradually begins to believe it.

The same applies to the criticism.No matter how qualitatively or not, the work is done: there will always be those who will criticize it.There is a question in its own set of critics: in this way they seem to assert themselves, but do so at the expense of others.Should avoid contact with people or disregard unfounded remarks.

increase self-esteem and prevents fixation on past failures and mistakes, which leads to unnecessary generalization: a man begins to think that if he has something does not work, then the next time will be the same.It threatens the fact that he did stop to try your hand at something and would prefer to never have taken.

comparing yourself with other people is also a major cause of low self-esteem.Often, this person wakes up in the background is harmful quality as envy.He always thinks that if he had the same abilities as the other, he would have achieved better results.In fact, it should rely on their own capabilities and to set goals based on them.

Increase self-esteem psychology is often associated with the ability to meet their priorities.When the goals and plans are too difficult for their implementation requires a lot of time, a person decides that they can not afford it and begins to blame himself.This experience leads to the fact that he soon gives up his own life plan, based on the view that he still does not work.

Methods to improve self-esteem

In order to help a person gain confidence in themselves and in their own abilities, psychologists use a variety of methods to improve self-esteem.In addition, if a person is able to realize the problem, he can use them on their own without the help of professionals.

consider the most effective ways:

  • Avoid constant self-criticism;
  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and refrain from guilt;
  • Try to remove errors from the past failures and treat them as the necessary experience;
  • Avoid damaging stereotypes and habitual negative thoughts;
  • doing things you love and do not depart from its principles;
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make excuses;
  • Plan your own life;
  • arguments started proceedings until the end;
  • Pay more attention to your appearance;
  • Say goodbye to all fears;
  • Learn to love yourself for who you are.

Methods to improve self-esteem does not end there, but if you follow at least half of the items, you can achieve the desired result very soon.

Technicians self-esteem

Today, there are many special techniques improve self-esteem.Many of them do not require any special effort, and a person can carry out their own.Here are the most common options:

  • Self-promotion;
  • Mirror;
  • Diary wins;
  • Creating an image.

To improve technology self-esteem via self-promotion must be on a piece of paper to write a short text about yourself.The key here is to focus on your best qualities and achievements.It is necessary to imagine that this is characteristic of his own person, which requires to present their best side.This text must be re-read on a daily basis.

Mirror - this addition to the technique described above, self-esteem self-promotion.To perform this method should be every day in front of a mirror to list their good qualities and say to yourself, nice things.We need to talk with him like a close friend, whom you love very much and want him to find out why.By the way, this method is very effective and leads to positive results very quickly.

increase self-esteem is very conducive to maintenance of the so-called diary victories.In a separate notebook all the successes and achievements should be recorded on a daily basis, which you have made for the day.It may even be the smallest of joys and little luck.It is important that each time the evening you could add to the blog at least 4-5 points.Subsequently prochityvanie this notebook will have a positive impact on self-esteem and give confidence.

latter technique requires good concentration, so it's a bit complicated, but at the same time very effective.In this case, to improve self-esteem should mentally create a new image.That is clear to see how you yourself want to see.The more detailed you will represent the image, the easier it will be to implement.

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