The concept of intellectual lability in psychology

nervous system of any living organism has this property as lability.This rate of change of excitation and inhibition in specific cells - neurons.It is shown that quality and in terms of physiological and psychological.In the first case, marked autonomic disorders in the body, which leads to malfunction of various organs and systems.It is often violated such vital functions as breathing, blood circulation, and many others.The psychological manifestation of the same properties of the nervous system - emotional and intellectual lability.In the modern conditions it is very important the last one for a person.

intellectual lability - what is it

psychic activity of the human brain is based primarily on the quality of his intelligence.This concept implies a certain level of mental development, allowed at one time to set a man as a rational being, and animals.Intelligence as the ability to include a tendency to knowledge, logical thinking, analysis of the information received.Here, more than ever the importa

nce of intellectual lability.What is it?

In today's society and its rapid development, the flow of information coming from the outside is continuously growing.The success of human activity depends not only on its specific expertise.It is necessary to be able to think productively and constructively, to move quickly to solve some problems in the implementation of other, highlighting the essential and necessary at any given moment.This requires a fairly high level of intellectual lability, which involves rapid switching between the processes of excitation and inhibition in the nervous system.

This quality of the nervous system in high demand in today's world.A person with sufficient lability of mental abilities, always adequately respond to changes in the situation, is able to think outside the box, quickly acquiring new skills.These properties are very important in various fields of activity.To assess the level of intellectual lability developed a special test.It allows you to determine the aptitude person applying for decent work.

intellectual lability, test

There are a lot of tests, on which you can find out how a particular person developed various mental qualities: memory, attention, thinking.Usually only one defined in any of them, for example, attention.However, for a very important person is the ability to switch his or intellectual lability test which is carried out with the purpose of forecasting success in vocational training, the development of a new activity.

material for the survey, consisting of 40 quickly transferred jobs available in oral form.This eliminates the possibility of a return to a missed point.To record the responses have a special form.It is a rectangle divided into 42 squares with specific numbers that are not in order.To check the level of intellectual lability test includes tasks that require rapid switching of attention, starting with the fact that their numbers do not coincide with the order of the numbering of the squares.

answers fit into the form can be letters, numbers, straight lines, and a variety of geometric shapes.In evaluating the results counted as a mistake made and missed assignments.A high level of intellectual lability involves no more than 4 admitted shortcomings.In the presence of 15 errors and more pereklyuchaemost between the processes of excitation and inhibition is very low.

study intellectual lability, technique

To obtain accurate results when testing is needed correct its preparation.With the help of a specially developed technique intellectual lability person it becomes almost "transparent".The test is carried out with the participation of the two sides.The first of these is represented by the so-called experimenter - a man who is voiced by all tasks.You can use the audio to the text material in case of need.

second side, taking part in the study - a person serving as a test.With the help of a universal method of intellectual lability can also explore the same time a group of people, of course, relatively small.Limitation on the number associated with the complexity of presenting information to a large audience.

objective research largely depends on two important factors.One of them - a definition of pronouncing each task the experimenter or a good quality record.The second factor - the readiness of the test side for the upcoming test.To do this, you must advance an explanation of what to do.It is also absolutely necessary and a warning about the limited time given to complete each task.

The testing may identify one of the four levels of intellectual lability, depending on the number of errors.The ability of the nervous system in a rapid transition from a state of excitation to inhibition or, on the contrary, is estimated as follows: good, medium, low and very low.

modern world requires individuals to a sufficiently high level of intellectual lability.It is only with good ability of the nervous system for the timely switching can be achieved significant success in their chosen field of activity.This is explained by the fact that the receipt of any new knowledge and skills requires training, the ability to which depends on the intelligence and its properties such as lability.

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