The sensitive - sensitive perception

character traits of man, which manifests itself in excessive sensitivity to the phenomena of the world, in psychology called the sensitive.People exposed to the phenomenon usually have a heightened sense of anxiety, shield themselves barriers to social interaction, fear of new situations and unfamiliar sensations even minor tests.Different people, this feature can be manifested in different ways, depending on its type and nature.

development of sensitive

possible to identify the main qualities of the sensitive individuals:

  • Shyness;
  • Shyness;
  • Excessive sensibility;
  • sense of inferiority;
  • tendency to long-term experience of past or future events.

As you might guess, these qualities are generally driven by the specific features of upbringing and life experiences of man.At the same time, there are cases where the sensitive development triggered by a variety of organic causes (eg, heredity, brain lesions, and so on. N.)

However senzitivnost usually originates from childhood man.Emotional rejectio

n of the child within the family in this case is the most common cause.If the parents do not give him the necessary attention, affection and care, in addition to various complexes, the child begins the sensitive development.So there are: isolation, unsociable and anxiety.

The same can be said about the situation, when parents exhibit excessive strictness in relation to children.Response is a constant desire for solitude and isolation in their own world.The child subconsciously tries to avoid any contact with the people, so as not to undergo yet another punishment or censure.

Many people over the years senzitivnost softened as age and experience taught them to be more practical in real life.They begin to look at things easier and acquire the ability to better control their own emotions.

Types of sensitive

From the point of view of psychology, senzitivnost often treated as well as the human ability to understand and perceive the feelings and character traits of different people, which gives him the ability to predict their behavior.

So, are 4 kinds of sensitive:

  • Observation;
  • research;
  • nomothetic;
  • Ideographic.

kind of observation is based on the person's ability to pay more attention to the behavior, speech and appearance of other people.That is, the sensitive man of this type at the same time notes all at once.

theoretical view of the sensitive prepolagaet ability to use different theories to explain and predict the thoughts, feelings and behavior of another person.

nomothetic senzitivnost characterized by one's ability to identify the main features of a typical representative of a particular social group, and then use this knowledge to predict the behavior of people belonging to this group.

Ideographic view different skill to understand the originality and individual characteristics of the person.

Other senzitivnost

addition to the basic types can be divided senzitivnost also:

  • Emotional;
  • Social;
  • the sensitive temperament.

Emotional senzitivnost often used to mean a person hypersensitive to ongoing or upcoming events.That is all that is normal perceived by most people is of paramount importance for the sensitive individual.

As a rule, a person who has been an emotional senzitivnost, is strongly influenced by the past.All events, even the most insignificant, that happened to him, are continually evaluated and are becoming the new shades.

For example, if a child has witnessed loud parental quarrels, and this incident greatly affected his mentality, he will remember it almost all his life.Emotional senzitivnost in this case is shown by the fact that people, as a rule, suffers from its own painful memories as endowed with an extraordinary ability to use them to relive the events again.

Just painful senzitivnost person perceive any upcoming changes.Often, even the positive nature of the event gives them anxiety and leads to emotional stress.

Social senzitivnost characterized primarily as an overwhelming sense of fear of social situations.As mentioned above, people exposed to this disease, most of whom suffer from an inferiority complex.

It is consciousness of its inferiority and contributes to the development of sensitive social.The man is afraid of communicating with strangers, he does not dare to speak in public and avoids social activities, as a rule, for one reason: he considers himself insufficiently intelligent, capable, likeable, worthy, etc.

Such thoughts lead a man possessed of sensitive social, very excited, but in order to overcome themselves and gain self-confidence, you need a lot of effort and time.

Under the sensitive temperament meant characterological features inherent in the nature of groups of people with a certain warehouse.It is believed that such species as choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and hardly characteristic of this quality.A melancholic temperament just includes those properties that are inherent in the sensitive people:

  • strong sensibility;
  • Vulnerability;
  • Anxiety;
  • suspiciousness.

In addition, psychologists, describing a melancholy temperament type, primarily referred to the sensitive nature of depressive feelings of people belonging to it.Melancholic very hard going through insults and very frustrating at the failures, often blaming themselves at the same time.The inferiority complex and lack of self-confidence is also inherent to this type.Thus, when determining the sensitive temperament can almost always come to the conclusion that it is melancholic.