Self-assessment of personality and its levels

Awareness of the man himself, his mental abilities, behavior, motivation, physical abilities, the relationship to other people and yourself - and have self-confidence of the individual.It is an integral part of the identity and includes the ability to assess their strength, opportunities, treat yourself critically.

levels of self-identity

During its existence in society people are constantly comparing yourself to other people.It also compares its own achievements with the achievements of colleagues and friends.This analysis of the possibilities and achievements carried out in relation to all the qualities: looks, ability, success in school or work.Thus, from the very childhood, a person is the formation of self-identity.Influencing the behavior, activities and development of the individual, his relationship with other people, it performs regulatory and protective function.

There are three levels of self-identity:

  • presence of the human low opinion of himself.Often, low self-esteem is formed in chi
    ldhood under the influence of parents and evaluation.Subsequently, it finally acquired under the influence of the surrounding society.These people frequently observed self-identity problem;
  • normal level of understanding of their own potential.Usually inherent self-confident man who successfully set goals and reach them easily in your career, business, creative and personal life.He knows his worth, is aware of its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.Also, an adequate self-esteem of the person helps to develop creativity, resourcefulness, ability to adapt to different conditions of society;
  • high level of self-esteem.There the majority of people that have achieved significant success in any field - politics, business, art.However, cases of having high self-esteem are also common when a person adheres to unduly high opinion of themselves, their talents, abilities and opportunities.Although, in fact, its real success is much more modest.

In addition, psychologists distinguish general, private (personal) or concrete situational self-esteem of the individual.The fact that a person can assess themselves in very different ways, depending on the situation, for example, at work or in the family.Therefore, the results in this case are completely opposite.With regard to the overall self-esteem, it is more complex and is formed later than the others.

There are also a certain stability or self-floating.It depends on the emotional state, and other additional conditions.

Formation of personality self

Opinion person itself is quite a complex psychological construction.The process of formation of the personality self occurs during the formation of the inner world and goes through various stages.Thus, we can say that in continuously changing, it becomes more perfect self human lifetime.The source of the estimates is a socio-cultural representations of the environment, the community response to any manifestation of nature, actions, and the results of self-observation.

an important role in shaping the understanding of its capabilities plays a real comparison of the image of "I" with the ideal, that is, with the idea of ​​how people want to be.The smaller the gap between what actually is and an ideal way, the more significant recognition of their achievements.It is also a significant influence in the formation of self-identity have real achievements in a variety of activities.

Psychologists distinguish two types of behavior (motivation) - striving for success and avoiding failure.In the first case, a person has a positive attitude, it is not very much care about the opinion of others.In the second case, it is more inclined to be cautious, trying not to take risks and is always looking for confirmation in the life of your fears.This type of behavior does not allow to raise their self-esteem.

should be stressed that the individual self-esteem always is subjective.And this is regardless of whether it is influenced by the individual's own judgments about yourself or other people's opinions.

Basically a person develops adequate self-image, or improper, that is false.In this case, indicate the presence of self-identity problems.Such a person is constantly pursuing some problems, disturbed the harmonious development, it often comes into conflict with others.In addition, awareness of the real possibilities rather strongly influences the formation of certain qualities.For example, an adequate self-esteem of the person contributes to the formation of self-criticism, self-confidence, perseverance, rigor.And inadequate - overconfidence or, conversely, insecurity.

If a person wants to achieve something in life, he needs to work on his self-esteem, objectively aware of their strength and capabilities, with consistent response to the difficulties, mistakes and criticism.

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