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Any married couple at some point in their life together has difficulties with mutual understanding, which often leads to conflicts and quarrels.If present in the relationship of love, respect and devotion, in fact, these problems are temporary, and the couple is able to overcome them.To do this, you must realize that the family happiness and harmony more important than their personal ambitions and more of life's adversities.

Many women do not know how to establish a family relationship with her husband, so often marital conflicts remain unresolved, and sometimes lead to divorce.In this article we look at how to build relationships with the spouse in various situations, to save feelings.

How to mend relations with her husband after an argument

As a rule, the nature of his woman is more sensitive and emotional, so any event she takes to heart, drawing conclusions, often far removed from reality.Therefore, it is difficult to determine how to establish a relationship with her husband after an argument:

the conflict she can see almost fatal mistakes and insults.The reality may be the case quite differently, so in this case it makes sense to pay attention to some of the recommendations:

  • Try to soberly assess the situation and look at the situation at hand;
  • Do not be afraid to be wrong;
  • not think of forgiveness as a defeat;
  • Avoid the temptation to recall past wrongs.

Save the logic of judgments when you are overwhelmed with negative emotions, it is possible not all.But in order to understand how to establish a relationship with her husband after an argument, it is necessary.Inflate the situation before the disaster the size of each can, but see its true meaning, which in most cases is not mutual recriminations and nerves - a great art.Therefore it is necessary to calm down and just think of how seriously all the things that happened.

second answer to the question of how to establish a relationship with her husband after a quarrel, the woman is the ability to understand and accept their guilt in the conflict.An objective assessment of any situation - is usually the best way out.And, as many psychologists advise, just need to choose what is more important: to be right or to be happy.If the relationship with the person of the road, the personal ambitions of themselves recede into the background.

In order to know how to establish a family relationship with her husband, do not perceive forgiveness as a defeat in any battle.For spouses - not the enemy on the battlefield: they - allies.And if your husband is wrong, and you are willing to forgive him, it should not be perceived as a weakness or admission of guilt.This step speaks about the great love that is above minute rush to destroy the relationship.

also to know how to build relationships with her husband after an argument, it should be consciously ban themselves to return to past grievances.After all, they usually have no relation to the current situation.

How to mend relations with her husband after his betrayal

Treason men are very often perceived it as a very normal action, which pushes its nature itself.Naturally, this is a poor excuse for a loving woman who demands loyalty and respect.If the husband thinks that relationship on the side - this is an inevitable reality that his wife will have to live, to think about how to establish a relationship with her husband after his betrayal, almost meaningless.

But there are situations where such an act to be forgiven for the sake of the family and in order to restore the old good relations.Perhaps the man was very sorry for what he did and still loves his wife.? Is it worth it for the sake of temporary or hobbies, especially fun for one night to destroy a marriage ..

To understand how to mend relations with her husband after his betrayal, offer the following tips:

  • Talk with her husband frankly and directly;
  • Offer him feel in your place;
  • Try to send him their emotions and experiences that he realized that you feel;
  • Try to estimate its position and point of view in this matter.

If, after such a conversation it becomes clear that man repents and is ready to be corrected, you must forgive him (of course, this is not easy).But when he does not feel guilty and require the wife's understanding of this behavior, the wife would have to choose between divorce and family life with constant infidelities of her husband.

How to mend relations with her ex-husband after the divorce

often former spouses come to the conclusion that they were quick to break relations.Usually this happens when, after the divorce takes time and both assess the situation more soberly and without undue emotion.Often the question of how to improve relations with the former spouse after a divorce, turning women who realize that family life is important evidence of self-righteousness.

It should be noted that the random impulse to return ratio, which occurs on the third day after a break or a week, it may be a false alarm.It can be a natural human reaction to the lack of well-established norms of life.In short, it is a habit: she used to wake up and go to sleep with her husband, cook his meals, wash and iron his clothes, playing with him a TV, etc. And when she discovers that it is not present, then begins to think about how to build relationships..with ex-husband after the divorce.

However, to actually realize that life together with her husband - that's what a woman wants, needs to take some time.So do not be swayed by the first reactions and try to get used to a new life.

If after a few months, you'll still feel sorry about the divorce, then it makes sense to find a way to re-establish relations.To do this is to understand how these mutual aspirations.If the spouse is also ready to return all should join forces and try to start over together.

also need to understand the reason for divorce once and for all.If you want forgiveness of injuries, should be ready for him, concealed mutual resentment if not immediately, then after a while will be felt.And the couple may again be on the verge of a breakup.

best answer to the question of how to establish a relationship with her husband, is the most frank conversation with him.After all, the family - it is the Union which should be no secrets and innuendo.

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