12 August

8 effects of laughter , healthy

Did you hear that laughter prolongs life?Install a direct link longevity has not yet been a genuine joy to researchers, but a few facts confirming the beneficial effects on health risible, clinically proven.

1. Recovery from depression

We live in an age of stress.Almost everyone suffers from the problems in the family or at work, anxiety, dissatisfaction or excessive responsibility.Against this background develop neuroses, sleep disturbances and depression.Many people are able to cope with it, but regularly taking anti-depressants.

established that laughter reduces the production of adrenaline and cortisol - hormones that accompany every stressful situation.At the same time, in order that the body began to allocate endorphins in the blood, even quite "on duty" smile.The fact that the specific loads on the muscles of the face to the brain sends impulses, activating production of "happiness hormones".Scientists say that only minutes of healthy laughter on the effects on the nervous system is comparabl

e to the forty-minute session of relaxation.

2. Skin Rejuvenation

Contrary to popular belief, no one smiles even added facial wrinkles.On the contrary, reflecting positive emotions, facial muscles perform work, which acts as a massage, increasing blood flow to the skin and increasing its hydration and nutrition.

People who are prone to giggling, the skin of the face and in very old age retains the freshness, elasticity and healthy color.

3. Strengthening immunity

proved that laughter increases blood levels of immunoglobulin A, which plays an important role in protecting mucous membranes against pathogens.

Doctors say merry much less subject to seasonal infections, and it is easier than frowning people cope with the most severe illnesses, including cancer.No wonder the majority of children's hospitals in the world regularly perform clowns, both professional and from a number of specially trained volunteers.They not only help children deprived of normal communication, feel less left out, the result of their work is to improve the status of young patients and the increase in the number of favorable forecasts.

4. Treatment of heart and blood vessels

has long been observed that among patients with cardiac pathologies, dominated by people overly irritable, and even gloomy, not prone to giggling.

The effect on the cardiovascular system is similar to the laughter active exercise or walking outdoors.Just a few minutes of fun normalize blood pressure, reducing or increasing it to 10-20 mm p / s.Furthermore, laughter helps save and restore endothelial cells - the tissue that lines the internal cavities of the heart and vascular surface.

5. Easing pain

In this case, the beneficial effects of laughter is associated with increased production of endorphins that affect the nervous system like anesthetics.Clinically proven to genuine laughter is almost two hours to remove even severe pain.

Moreover, laughing, people includes a number of muscles, acting similarly to an active massage.Thus, relieve tension muscles of the neck and upper back, increased tone which often causes compulsive headaches.Laughter in this case acts as a medicine that helps to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

6. Train respiratory

In moments of fun human lungs do not function as usual, it implemented the so-called "comic" type of breathing, which is characterized by the alternation of long and short breaths, energetic exhalation.As it turned out, these movements not only help to clear phlegm from the respiratory system, but also speed up the exchange of gases in the lungs, making it more complete.

Laughter is an excellent exercise for the chest muscles.It saves the state of indecision and timidity peculiar to people with mostly superficial type of breathing.

7. Improving figures

healthy laughter in a manner similar to the use of energy aerobics.He makes us work the chest muscles, neck, abdomen, back, and even legs.For ten or fifteen minutes of exercise burns many calories, how much is contained in 100 g of chocolate, and the presence on the hourly concert the famous humorist comparable to a treadmill exercise time.

For modern man suffering from sheer excess of absorbed calories and exercise deficiency, laughter is not less useful than exercises in the pool or gym.

8. Improving sentiment

We not only laugh, experiencing positive emotions.It runs the reverse process: smiling improves your mood, increases vitality, increases efficiency.Psychotherapists often advise their patients to a specially smile in front of a mirror to reduce the level of anxiety and learn to respond less strongly to life's woes.

Do not forget that laughter is a powerful communication tool.It brings people together, reduces aggression, promotes the development of tolerance.

ability to laugh is what makes us human in a meaningful way.No wonder such wonderful things as friendship, love, joy, creativity make us smile.And when you consider how laughter is good, we can safely recommend it and as the most harmless and pleasant remedy for many health problems.

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