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Diet Kim Protasov

What is the diet Kim Protasov

Diet Kim Protasov appeared in 1999, but managed in such a relatively short period of time to win many fans and followers.I admire this weight loss system for those who can hardly endure severe restrictions in the diet.

diet Kim Protasov menu suggests a limited use of foods rich in carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which allows to normalize the work of the pancreas, as well as to stop sugar cravings.At the same time, contained in dairy products and egg protein, and lactose, and calcium, not only contribute to weight loss, but also allow to increase muscle mass.According to reviews, the diet Kim Protasov is psychologically comfortable, because in its entirety can eat whenever you want, without experiencing psychological discomfort due to the fact that the diet is too limited.

diet Menu Kim Protasov

slimming system proposed by Kim Protasov, will last for five weeks, the same for the duration of the period of time recommended for releas

e from the diet.

During the first and second week may be in any amount and at any time to eat raw vegetables, as well as yogurt and cheese (cottage cheese) five percent fat.In addition, permitted to eat in the day, three green apples and one boiled egg.From drinks allowed unsweetened tea and coffee and, of course, water - at least two liters.

diet Menu Kim Protasov complemented by the third week of 300 g of roasted lean meat per day, while you can use both poultry and fish meat.At the same time, it is recommended to reduce the intake of yoghurts and cheeses.

fourth and fifth weeks are similar to third.At this stage, permitted variations to the types of meat, fish and poultry in recipes diet Kim Protasov.It was at this period is the loss of the basic amount of extra kilos.

After diet and overweight have been left behind, not to be with brutal appetite go for recently prohibited products.Here are a few restrictions that must be followed for five weeks at the end of weight loss:

  • only eat low-fat dairy products with fat content of 0.5-1%.
  • not abuse vegetable oil - no more than 3 tablespoons a day.
  • fat intake in all food consumed should be limited to 30-35 grams per day.
  • Gradually add in the diet of fruits, except mangoes, bananas, grapes and dried fruits.
  • Breakfast is recommended to give preference to low fat cottage cheese or porridge with vegetable salad.
  • Meat should be meatless varieties.

As the reviews, Kima Protasov's diet allows you to lose about 8 extra kilos for the entire period.

Advantages and disadvantages of diet Kim Protasov

slimming system proposed by Kim Protasov, is good because it:

  • does not limit the amount of food consumed, thereby facilitating its compliance with the psychological point of view;
  • improves metabolism;
  • establishes the bowels due to the use of large amounts of non-starchy vegetables;
  • limits the consumption of fat, but not eliminate it entirely;
  • can significantly lose weight with the application of the minimum harm to the body.

Deficiencies in diet Kim Protasov significantly less than the merits.This weight loss system is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of the digestive tract, as diet recipes Kim Protasov not involve the use of starch products, which envelop and protect the stomach lining.In any case, consultation with a doctor before starting a diet is needed even for those people who are confident about their health.

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