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What is the diet of astronauts astronauts

Diet is known as one of the toughest, long-term, but at the same time and effective weight loss systems.

Despite the fact that the name of this diet implies a connection with the space, but by intergalactic flight, it has nothing to do.According to some versions, its name derives from the diet because of its severity and complexity of compliance, while others compared the rate of loss of extra kilos with spaceflight speed.Diet Results astronauts really great - 10 kilos in 20 days.The essence of the diet is the use of low-calorie and nutritious food that is quickly digested and almost fully absorbed by the body.

diet Menu astronauts represented mainly protein products and at the same time exclude foods rich in fiber.can not be added to food salt diet throughout, the sugar and hot spices, including pepper.Diet astronauts involves four meals, but in the case of hunger between meals is allowed "snack" in the form of a cup of yogurt.A prerequisi

te of this weight loss system, like most others, is to drink plenty of liquids.

diet Menu astronauts

Before "sit" on a diet of astronauts need to objectively assess their strength, in particular strength of will as to withstand severe limitations in food slightly under the force.

Judging by the reviews of the diet of astronauts, keep twenty-day period without disruption manage units.

for breakfast should drink a cup of unsweetened black coffee or a cup of yogurt.In addition, it allowed to eat one egg, which you can either boil or fry in a dry frying pan without oil.

as dining meal astronauts diet recommends boiled chicken (no more than half of all birds), 0.5 liters broth, and unsweetened coffee or yogurt.

During snack should be limited to a cup of coffee or a glass of kefir.

Dinner is similar to lunch, but if the hunger is stronger willpower allowed to eat 200 grams of fat-free yogurt.

Those who are not scared a rather severe restrictions of food, will be rewarded with the results of the diet of astronauts in the form of lost kilos and "gone" in the amount of centimeters.

Out of the diet is also necessary to correct: gradually increase the caloric content of consumed food, try to avoid fatty and fried food, to control the consumption of foods rich in fiber.

Recommendations for dieting

To ensure that the results were the highest, and discomfort with a diet of astronauts - the minimum, it is recommended to listen to a few tips:

  • Due to the fact that the diet of astronauts involves quite meager diet, it is obviousthat the organism will receive less significant part of the necessary nutrients.The solution to this problem is to receive additional vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • Throughout the daily diet must be in sufficiently large numbers to drink non-carbonated water - it will not only blunt the feeling of hunger, but also cleanse the body.
  • astronauts diet is contraindicated for people who have problems with the digestive organs or bowels.
  • Due to the fact that throughout the period of weight loss are contraindicated intense exercise at the end of the diet, you can face the problem of saggy skin and lack of muscle tone.In this connection, it is recommended for a return to the usual diet to pay a sufficient amount of time to physical exercises.
  • Despite the fact that the diet of astronauts reviews describe it as a very effective way to lose weight, do not succumb to temptations and to use it more often than once a year.

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