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diet after birth

So it turns out that most women find in their excess weight after childbirth.He may not be as significant - six to eight kilograms, and can be very noticeable - from ten kilograms.To regain his previous form, you will need to work hard.Those who think that the weight would come back to normal over time, it is very wrong.Of course, the women who are trying to watch their weight during pregnancy, return to its former shape will be easier, but you still need to try.Already in the first few months after delivery should take several measures.

In the period immediately after birth the female body undergoes a stress - both on themselves giving birth, and from the hormonal changes that occur in the female body.During this period, it is desirable not to resort to any diet, but you still need to follow the mothers nutrition after birth.What can be done to still longer stout after childbirth and does not harm the baby?

basic rules of supply mothers after giving birth in the first two or three

  • Immediately after birth, a woman spends a lot more energy than before the birth, so calories a day she should eat about 500-600 more, but not more than 3000calories per day;
  • Meals should be balanced to the baby enough vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

Every day lactating women should eat:

- not less than 500 milliliters of milk, kefir or yogurt;

- from 50 to 100 grams of cheese, or articles thereof;

- about 200 grams of meat;

- from 600 to 800 grams of vegetables;

- 50 grams of eggs and oil;

- at least 300-500 grams of fruit;

- from 400 to 500 grams of bread;

- 20-30 grams of vegetable oil;

The mothers diet after childbirth should be limited to the use of too much high-calorie foods: cream, cream, mayonnaise, fatty meats, duck and goose meat, nuts, sugar, sweets, biscuits, rice and potatoes.

Precautions should also eat foods that can cause allergies in the baby: citrus, honey, strawberry, chocolate, fish, coffee, pickles, strong meat broth, canned food, sausage.It is strictly contraindicated, all drinks containing alcohol, including beer.

  • Meals should be taken at least four to six times a day.This mode is useful both from the perspective of the concept of good nutrition, as well as for lactation.Do not indiscriminate snacking, do not eat at night and do not cram the night.
  • Drink plenty of water - at least two liters a day.Less can drink only those who have increased lactation.
  • Try to give yourself the exercise, but do not overload.Useful moderate housework, walking and stretching exercises, and exercises at the gym are contraindicated.
  • regularly alternating sleep and rest.To sleep, to normalize the weight should be at least 8-9 hours.

Already after three months postpartum can resort to diet after giving birth, but not strict.

diet menu after childbirth

this diet after giving birth can not only stick to breastfeeding women.

Breakfast: one hundred grams of bread with a thin layer of oil, grapefruit, a slice of lean ham.

Lunch: two hundred grams of cooked chicken, cut in the form of straw and mixed with 50 grams of almonds, fried in butter.All salt and pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice and add the parsley and stir.Salad spread on lettuce leaves and watering soy sauce.As a side dish you can use any two hundred grams of vegetables.

Dinner: two hundred grams of boiled or steamed fish, boiled green beans (150 g), heated in one tablespoon of vegetable oil, mixed with two crushed garlic cloves and chopped cilantro, one glass of tomato juice.

In between meal doses drink yogurt, juices, pure water or green tea.

Reviews: how to lose weight after giving birth

Many women gain weight after giving birth, convinced that, thanks to strict adherence to the diet after childbirth and eliminate fatty foods from the diet, you can return to its former shape in a relatively short period of time.

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