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10 effective diets

Obesity - an increase in body weight due to fat deposits caused by metabolic disorders.Obesity can be caused by various factors.Identifying the causes of excess weight is a high priority, determines the choice of weight loss methods.

One of the most effective methods of weight loss is diet - a special diet, the purpose of which is to accelerate fat metabolism.Proposition 10 will allow effective diets to choose the most optimal and appropriate lifestyle.

10 effective diets: description of diets, efficiency, diet

Among the available diets are extremely difficult to choose the most effective and easy food options.The most effective diet different rigor and restraint diet.Most of the 10 effective diets are based on a significant reduction of diet and the amount of food consumed or the monopitanii (the use of one type of product).

most popular for quick and easy weight loss are the following 10 effective diets:

  • diet on fresh juices - one of the most stringent mono-diet based on t
    he use of fresh juices for 3 days.During the diet can not eat hard food, dairy products.Diet is contraindicated for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.You can lose up to 3 kg;
  • Kefir diet - one of the mono-diet, which is based on the use of kefir.Strict kefir diet involves eating only this product for 3 days.A simple version of a diet suggests eating fresh fruits and vegetables (up to 1.5 kg during the day) and yogurt (up to 1.5 liters per day).The most optimal diet option is "striped" diet, in which conventional power days alternate with days of unloading on the yogurt.You can lose up to 4-6kg;
  • Cabbage Soup diet requires the use of the main product (cabbage) in unlimited quantities and in any form: salads, soups, casseroles.Sticking to such a diet should be from 7 to 14 days, depending on the desired result.The diet can be supplemented with stale bread, low-fat boiled meat, eggs (1 egg in 2-3 days).You can lose up to 5 kg;
  • Hollywood diet involves eating fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, low-fat varieties of boiled fish and meat.The basic idea of ​​the diet is the limitation of each portion.Such a diet can be followed up to 14 days and lose up to 7 kg;
  • Japanese diet is one of the 10 effective diets, which are present in the diet of boiled seafood, cooked without salt and spices, fresh vegetables and fruits.Duration diet varies from 7 to 14 days, the efficacy - up to 5 kg;
  • Interval diet - one of the easiest among the 10 effective diets, offering a three-day food cycles.The diet of each cycle of one product (rice, buckwheat, boiled potatoes with no added salt and spices) and water.The duration of the diet - from 9 to 18 days, the efficiency - from 7 to 9 kg;
  • Diet soups proposes to exclude from the diet of solid food and for 7 days to eat only vegetable broth.One day, let the meat broth.The effectiveness of the diet - to 4kg overweight;
  • Brazilian diet offers fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, and vegetable broths.All other products are excluded from the diet.The duration of the diet - up to 14 days, the efficiency - up to 4 kg;
  • Diet top models - the most severe of the 10 effective diets.The diet of the day 1 egg and 300 g fat-free yogurt.The duration of the diet - 3 days, the efficiency - up to 3 kg;
  • Buckwheat diet - one of the variations of the mono-diet, diet in which buckwheat porridge, cooked without the addition of spices.The number of meals per day is not limited.The diet lasts 7 to 14 days, the efficiency - up to 10 kg.

10 most effective diets: what is the basis of success?

process of weight loss and choosing one of the most effective diets is individual, it depends largely on the causes of excess weight.So, when hormonal failures, violation of the endocrine system function, gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is recommended to adhere to special medical diets.

10 most effective diets are based on a significant reduction of diet and the actual exhaustion.They do not contribute to the restructuring of the body, and accelerate fat metabolism.The main result of the 10 most effective diets is to purify the intestines and reducing the amount of food consumed.This fast diet.However, after massive weight loss, subject to one of these diets likely rapid weight gain.

whether diet is effective for stable weight loss?

main task in compliance with any of the 10 effective diets is not weight loss, and consolidation of the result achieved.Most fast diets do not allow to consolidate the achieved results due to the short-term nature.Wondering whether effective diet, you should evaluate the following criteria:

  • range of products;
  • Number of meals;
  • diet duration.

In determining whether effective diet, you should take into account the way of life, the source data, the desired results.The effectiveness of the diet is also predetermined by BMI person.

Best and effective diet: the diet basics

Best and effective diet always offer a balanced diet, which will not lead to depletion of the body, and vitamin deficiency.Quick diets are dangerous high probability of an equally rapid weight gain after their completion.Best and effective diet allows the body to easily adapt to a new diet without causing stress.

example, mono-diet is the most harmful and dangerous for the body, but the effect is much faster.Best and effective diet offer the optimum balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body.An optimal diet should last from 7 to 14 days, did not exclude the necessary macro-and micronutrients, as well as offering the best diet to avoid discomfort.

Effective Diets: reviews, recommendations of doctors

choosing one of the proposed effective diets, user reviews will assess the effectiveness of the proposed diet.When choosing a diet, doctors recommend to take into account:

  • availability of products on which the one or another diet;
  • taste preferences - a diet based on products that do not like the taste, very difficult.With this diet the body is subjected to severe stress at every meal;
  • Easy cooking - less time spent on the preparation process, the less stimulation of the receptors occurs;
  • among 10 effective diets should give preference to one that is suitable for dietary lifestyle.Such a diet is easier to combine with work schedule.

diets effective diets, reviews them and recommendations of nutritionists can be found on the Internet, are purely of recommendation character.For optimal effective diet levies should contact a dietitian.

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