Diet 1000 calories a day - the menu features

1000 calories

1000 calories - a species of strict diets for weight loss, limiting the daily intake of calories in the body until 1000.

little about calories

Calories - a unit of measurement of the energy value of food.Calories characterize its overall nutritional value with indicators such as the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Calories provide the necessary energy for various vital processes, including both physical and mental work.The energy required for the flow of each of a plurality of biochemical reactions in the body.

In humans, there is a basic minimum caloric needs for the day.Their energy value should ensure the flow of all the physiological processes in a state of maximum rest and relaxation (the so-called basal metabolism).

need for energy for basal metabolism in all people are different and depends on the age and body surface area.Adult males on average for basic metabolic processes require 1700 calories per day, women - 1.5 times smaller.

Also metabolism and the ener

gy of the internal organs in the body is spent on mental and physical activity.From food to us can do a lot more calories than required to ensure the main exchange.And if they are not completely to spend, then postponed as a reserve - in the form of glycogen in the liver and adipose tissue, which is known to be fraught with the appearance of extra kilos.

Obesity can and should limit the intake of calories in the body, and then include a mechanism for spending their own fat reserves.This allows you to fight obesity.

1000 calories diet options

Principles of 1000 calories diet designed and formulated dietitian Anna Belousova.More correct to call this diet 1000 kcal as calorie intake is measured in kilocalories.

Limiting energy supply up to 1000 calories per day - a very hard way to fight excess weight.In order to sustain a diet 1000 calories, a person must have good health.

Diet 1000 calories available in two versions.One of them is allowed to use any food, including fatty, fried, sweet pastry, but the amount of food energy value must not exceed 1000 calories per day.

second menu option on 1000 calories more detailed description of the diet to lose weight.So, it is necessary to include:

  • 300 g of fresh fruit;
  • 400 g of vegetables;
  • 500 ml of milk;
  • 160 grams of lean meat;
  • 40 g of rye bread;
  • 1 egg;
  • 30 g of cottage cheese or 15g cheese (optional);
  • 15 g butter.

This set will provide only part of the body of energy, and the missing will be replenished from the fat reserves.

Approximate menu on 1000 calories a day

course, very difficult to calculate at home every calorie of food eaten.Therefore, nutritionists suggest using a more detailed version of the diet, and the second a ready menu of 1000 calories per day.


  • glass of skim milk (200 ml);
  • Cooked boiled egg;
  • Grapefruit (100 g);
  • piece of rye bread (20 g);
  • Butter (10g).

Brunch - one of the following beverages:

  • Tea;
  • Coffee;
  • Vegetable broth.


  • Boiled vegetables (200 g);
  • meat is low-fat varieties (80 g);
  • Green salad;
  • Fresh fruit (100 g);
  • unsweetened tea (1000 ml).


  • curd or cheese (5 g);
  • Rye bread (20 g);
  • Butter (5 g);
  • skimmed milk 30 ml.


  • Vegetables (200 g);
  • fresh salad (200 g);
  • Fruit (100 g);
  • Lean meat (80 g);
  • Tea or coffee (100 ml).

Reviews and opinions of experts about the diet of 1000 calories

Nutritionists speak very contradictory about the diet of 1000 calories.On the one hand, it allows for a fairly short period of time to get rid of from 1.5 - 10 kg of excess weight.But on the other hand - diet 1000 calorie diet suffers because not only limited by the volume and the energy value of food, but also useful substances - proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals.Deficiency of some of them can immediately and seriously affect even healthy body and cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

For example, if a 1000 calories diet food stop flow sufficient magnesium and potassium salts begin the difficulty of the heart that manifests impaired heart rate up to cardiac arrest and death.

Houses diet 1000 calories, you can observe only 2 - 3 weeks.If you feel unwell, the diet should be immediately interrupted and seek medical advice.

major shortcoming of 1000 calories diet is the fact that after the end of initial weight is typed in a short time.The body perceives a temporary supply shortage as a constant threat to his well-being, so when you restore normal diet after diet 1000 calories for the future begins to store all the excess calories.Lack of protein

menu on 1000 calories per day leads to the fact that for the most important metabolic processes starts consumes own skeletal muscle protein.If the diet 1,000 days to tighten over time, the process involved and the heart muscle, which could trigger the development of myocardial dystrophy.

If you long to comply with caloric restriction in the diet of 1000 calories a day menu, from a lack of essential nutrients often appears uncontrollable weakness, reduced immune defense, physical and mental strength, experience problems in metabolism.

Over time, negative consequences menu on 1000 calories a day will join such health problems as diarrhea, nausea, hair loss, menstrual disorders, gallstones, poor tolerance of cold.

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