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90 day diet

What is the 90 day diet?

Authors 90 day diet, Mojca Polyanshek and Breda Hrobat promise that in three months compliance with the principles of food offered by them you can get rid of the extra kilos 20-25.

In addition, the developers claim that after the 90 day diet for the next three months without any effort "leave" 3 more kilograms.The basis of this diet is a separate power supply, which is a repetition of four cycles.Each cycle consists of protein, starch, carbohydrate and vitamin days, each of which corresponds to a specific menu 90 day diet.The sequence of these days must be clearly observed, only in this case we can hope for a good result.

90 day diet menu

diet Developers should be observed for 3 months, during which remain unchanged breakfasts - any two of the fruit, but not necessarily identical, or a glass of berries.Lunch is the main meal, the menu of which depends on the day of the cycle.

Lunch protein day.On this day, allowed to use the choice of lean poultry, fi

sh, seafood, cheese, cheese, 2 eggs.It should be remembered that it is permitted to use only one type of protein food, a combination of different foods is prohibited.Recipe of the day 90 day diet involves quenching or cooked meat.In addition, protein meal of the day should include a large portion of fresh lettuce or other greens for which the heat treatment is permitted.Main products can be supplemented with chicken broth and a slice of bread.During the day, allowed to drink water, tea, non-fat milk in small amounts.Dinner implies acceptance of the same products that were eating lunch, only two times fewer.

Lunch starch of the day.It is recommended to eat foods rich in starch: peas, beans, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, rice.As alternative can be used stewed potatoes boiled or cooked with a minimum amount of fat.In addition, the starch in the menu of the day includes one slice of bread, fresh vegetable salad and boiled vegetables in a broth.It is also allowed to drink vegetable broth.Dinner - ½ serving breakfast without bread.

Lunch carbohydrate day.According to the reviews of the 90 day diet, the favorite day cycle for many people losing weight it is just a carbohydrate day.For dinner, you can treat yourself to a boiled pasta, flavored with spices, or pizza with tomato sauce.As an alternative approach, and tomato sauce with different vegetables and spices that can be eaten with salty biscuits.The menu may include grains, particularly millet, barley, buckwheat.The carbohydrate day 90 day diet menu will please fans of pastry, as is allowed the use of unleavened pastries or pancakes prepared without eggs and milk.Dinner of the day - a real treat for the sweet tooth, which allowed to treat yourself to an ice cream (three balls) or liver (3 small pieces).Compulsory dinner is 1 bar of dark chocolate.Instead of sweets for dinner you can eat a pizza or a portion of saltine crackers.

Lunch vitamin day.On this day, 90 day diet menu includes: all kinds of vegetables, as raw and baked, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fruit purees, fruit.If the whole day has some fruit too hard, you can combine them with fresh vegetables.

recommendations to the 90 day diet

To get from 90 separate daily diet maximum results, you must strictly follow these recommendations:

  • cycle should start with a protein of the day;
  • every 29th day diet (three) to be discharge in which only allowed to drink water;
  • discharge day must be preceded by a vitamin and protein should be as follows;
  • breakfast only necessary fruits;
  • dinner should not be before noon;
  • if hunger does not allow doterpet before dinner, snack fruit is permitted;
  • interval between lunch and dinner - at least three hours a day in protein, this interval should be increased to 4 hours;
  • in vitamin a day to eat every 2-3 hours is necessary;
  • can not eat after 20.00;
  • 90 day diet recipes involve the use of a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • foods should boil, simmer or bake the best option - to use a double boiler;
  • recommended salt ready meals, this will reduce salt intake;
  • allowed to use herbs and spices;
  • per day is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water, it is permissible use of tea and coffee;
  • recommended to follow the calorie content of food;
  • if there was a desire to repeat the 90 separate daily diet, then this should be done not earlier than 3 months.

As the reviews, 90 day diet can not only lose weight significantly, but also speed up the metabolism in the body and improve health.

Before starting any diet, including 90 full-time, you should consult with your doctor.

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