Approaches to education of the child 4 years

Raising a child - it's not easy, since it is an individual with their emotions, desires and their own opinions.Raising a child in the child affects his whole life in the future.Therefore, the process of education of the baby should be treated very seriously.

In early childhood, the baby life, mainly control the emotions and instincts.For 3-4 years the child's behavior becomes more conscious.In 4 years in child care need to choose the right direction.

Features of raising a child 4 years

By 4-5 years of a child's focus to motor activity gradually shifted to the mental activity.He was less interesting to run and jump, he increasingly want to engage in quiet play.Children at this age draws a diverse work: drawing, making different crafts, sculpture.The education of a child 4 years of such behavior must be maintained, including taking part in its activities and games.

Also to 4 years is the time to give your child in some sports section, it is better suited for this swimming or gymnastics.Do not forget

the daily walks - they strengthen the immune system of the child, and outdoor games will develop large motor skills.

For 4 years in all children is exacerbated curiosity.Any parent of balance can bring them permanent "why."This, of course, should not be allowed.Questions you need to answer your child directly, without any unnecessary details.If you do not know the answer to a question, tell the child about it and promise in the near future to find the answer and tell him.

If the child already knows the alphabet, you can start learning to read.You can also familiarize the child with the basics of mathematics.Any lesson is best done in a playful way.At the age of 4 years old child can fully master the score to 10, the concept of addition and subtraction in the toy example.

Most children at this age already attend kindergarten.If this applies to your child, watch for his adaptation to the team.If he has a problem, help him overcome them.First, determine the cause of problems with adaptation (shyness, embarrassment, jealousy), and then teach the child (preferably with the help of specific examples) how to communicate with children, to stand up for yourself when necessary and to share toys.

child's psyche in the process of growing up is undergoing some changes.The child begins to experience for yourself a new feeling: sadness, anger, shame, resentment.While he does not know how to deal with them, so it can not "obey" or "to behave badly".For this reason, a child 4 years of education of its need to maintain, to tell him about that experience emotions - this is normal, and you will feel them sometimes.It is necessary to explain to the kid that much better express their feelings with words, not bad behavior.

The child of 4-5 years the education must be both praise and punish if necessary.Children quickly feel the lack of praise and raise difficult passes unpunished.But we should remember that you can only punish the child in a particular case, and when you make a comment, the child must understand what was wanted of him (for example, instead of "How much can you shout!" Say, "Keep your voice down").And praise the child often need, but not for the fact that he is already able to, but for a greater effort in any case and new achievements.Also, do not forget to tell your child how much you love him, even if it is not "good" behaves.

Differences in the education of boys and girls 4 years

According to the practice, a girl of 4 years to raise more easily than boys.This is because girls are often more docile and calm, and to this age they begin to appear feminine traits.Girls like to play in the "Mothers and Daughters", "shop", "doctor" and other role-playing games, they often try on clothes and dressing in front of a mirror.Encourage this behavior and keep in his daughter's confidence in her beauty - thanks to this in the future it will have adequate self-esteem, and can eventually become feminine.Also in the education of a child must be 4 years he instill a love of cleanliness, punctuality and tidiness.

Boys in 4 years, as opposed to girls, are more active and even aggressive.boys need to know is already in the 4 years that the girls can not hurt, and understand why this can not be done.The child of 4-5 years education, especially for the boy, the father has to take part.

The more you spend with your child joint activities and games, the more quick-witted, capable and inquisitive he grows up.

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