Restoration of the child after flu

Influenza - an acute infectious disease that affects the upper respiratory tract, provoked by the influenza virus.To date, it is known medicine for more than 2000 influenza virus strains differing antigenic factor.The influenza virus has a high ability to modify, developing resistance to antiviral drugs used.Immunity to one strain of the virus persists in the body for 1-4 years.The flu is dangerous development of serious complications.How to restore the child's body from the flu?What are the most dangerous complications of influenza in children?Why get vaccinated against the flu?

Influenza.Mechanisms of infection.Complications from influenza in children

Influenza is one of the most insidious infectious diseases.The influenza virus mutates rapidly, creating new resistant forms, characterized by renewed symptomatic complex, difficult to diagnose.The source of infection is a person carrying the virus is mild.The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, mainly affecting the upper respiratory tract.The

external environment for the influenza virus is fatal.However, at low temperatures, the virus can remain active up to several months, which explains the wide spread of the virus in the cold season.influenza contributes to a more close contact with people in the indoors, the weakening of the body due to lack of vitamins.The main symptoms of influenza are:

  • Increased body temperature;
  • Fatigue;
  • aches in muscles and joints;
  • Severe headache;
  • pain when moving the eyeballs;
  • defeat of the respiratory tract;
  • lack of appetite;
  • redness of the mucous membranes;
  • sore throat, dry cough.

Children's body is most susceptible to the flu virus.The body of the child after flu weakened and requires proper recovery.Influenza is characterized by a similar symptomatic colds complex.If you suspect a child is necessary to show flu pediatrician to confirm the diagnosis and appropriate treatment.The virus is extremely dangerous not acute course, and development of complications from the flu in children, which include:

  • Primary viral pneumonia (characterized by a high mortality rate, most often occurs if the flu caused by the highly virulent virus);
  • Secondary bacterial pneumonia;
  • Secondary bacterial infections (otitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis);
  • Reye's syndrome - an acute condition in children, developing a fever during the treatment of viral origin (including influenza) acetylsalicylic drugs.This state of the child from the flu can lead to encephalopathy (due to cerebral edema);
  • Complications of the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system;
  • Muscle inflammation (myositis);
  • accession of secondary infection in a weakened body of the child from the flu (staphylococcal, pneumococcal);
  • aggravation of chronic diseases.

prevent complications from the flu virus can be timely treatment, as well as the correct recovery of the body of the child from the flu.

flu complications arise, usually in children, the body which has been weakened to the virus.Also, complications of influenza may occur against the background of incomplete treatment when the primary symptoms of the disease.

child from the flu: the restoration of the right child's body

Proper recovery of the body after child flu is the main measure to prevent the development of complications after suffering a virus.A child from the flu retains some of the symptoms:

  • lack of appetite;
  • Lethargy;
  • Fatigue;
  • Drowsiness.

These symptoms are explained by the weakening of the body's defenses.How long will the child from the flu in the recovery?First we need to understand that not only the influenza virus has a negative impact on the child's body.Antiviral treatment also affected the condition of the body, affecting the liver, gastrointestinal tract.While taking antibiotics disturbed healthy intestinal microflora, which can be restored not only drugs, but also the appropriate diet.

Proper recovery of the child from the flu include:

  • saving mode of the day;
  • lite diet, helps to restore the intestinal microflora, the violation of which is caused not only by taking antibiotics, and dyspeptic symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea).Pediatricians and nutritionists recommend to eliminate junk food (foods containing crude fiber, causing fermentation, etc.).The most optimal meal in the recovery period after the child's flu will be fruit and vegetable purees, milk porridge, yoghurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses;
  • natural fortification of the body - fresh fruits, vegetables, freshly squeezed juice.Vitamin complexes by order of a pediatrician;
  • recovery of the respiratory system - Inhalation with herbs, plant-based preparations;
  • Immune reconstitution.Protective forces of an organism of the child from the flu recover very slowly, in this period it is important to protect the child from contact with potential sources of infection, to avoid re-infection.

Many parents allow critical mistake by canceling the child's treatment as soon as symptoms disappear primary influenza, which further weakens the child's body.Also, a child from the flu need to be examined carefully.Pediatricians recommend not to return to the normal rhythm of life (visit kindergartens, schools, studios) for 10-12 days after the disease to the body's natural recovery forces and in order to avoid re-infection.

Vaccination against influenza.What if after flu shots a child is ill?

Vaccination against influenza - primary prevention measure is the annual epidemic of the virus.Influenza vaccine refers to a group of biological drugs that provides short-term immunity against a specific influenza virus.However, vaccination against influenza does not rule out the possibility of infection.Vaccination against influenza significantly reduces the risk of infection, the likelihood of complications, and contributes to an easier course of the disease.What if after flu shots a child is ill?

When the manifestation of the primary symptoms of influenza (fever, fatigue, body aches) shows the child to bed with abundant drinking fortified (vitamin C).Child with suspected influenza virus must be shown pediatrician, reporting vaccination for appropriate treatment.

Why after flu shots a child can get sick?This probability is due to the fact that the child is vaccinated against one influenza virus and infect others.Each year, developed a vaccine against influenza viruses are most likely to become the cause of the epidemic in the current year.

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