Dysbacteriosis - Symptoms in Toddlers

Dysbacteriosis called change qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora with a decrease in the content of the "useful" and the growth of opportunistic, the occurrence of pathogens.Children goiter is very common.

Normally, at the time of the birth of the gastro-intestinal tract is sterile baby.First flora colonize the intestine, gets it only during childbirth, during the passage of the baby through the birth canal, and after the first feeding.

Signs of dysbiosis in children

During dysbiosis replace the beneficial bacteria in the intestines of harmful come to occupy the vacated niche and start to apply strong blows to destroy the health of the child.

first symptoms of dysbiosis in children are:

• Poor appetite;

• Flatulence (flatulence);

• Slow weight gain;

• Easy irritability;

• Anxiety;

• Frequent constipation (stool has an uneven coloration), alternating with diarrhea.

Further, when in the microflora already appeared pathogenic bacteria symptoms of dysbiosis have bec

ome significantly more children.These symptoms may be similar to symptoms of various diseases.

Infants may experience vomiting, regurgitation, bloating, after 1.5-2 hours after eating the baby starts to worry, pull the legs to the abdomen.Child poorly gaining weight, his sleep is disturbed.

symptoms of dysbiosis in year-old child are signs of gastritis (stomach inflammation).After the meal can be a sensation of fullness or pain in the stomach is reduced or completely lost appetite, there is belching, heartburn, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.From time to time may hurt the upper part of the abdomen, constipation and constantly observed increased flatulence.

also dysbiosis may manifest as symptoms of enteritis (intestinal inflammation).This gives rise to frequent diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain.The child becomes lethargic, weak, irritable, gets tired quickly, complaining of pain in the head.The chair can thus be liquid, frothy, with greens and slime, sour smell.

Sometimes dysbiosis symptoms in children may be the same as in the enterocolitis.The child grows poorly, but well-gaining weight, he observed accumulation of gases, which depart with great effort, stool unstable - some children may experience frequent constipation, while others - diarrhea.The child complains of cramping in the abdominal area.

Children who have intestinal dysbiosis, lose interest in even the most favorite products.There may be a symptom of slipping food (baby just ate and already asking for a pot) due to violation of intestinal absorption, there are disruptions in the metabolic processes.Children become sluggish, because they do not have enough minerals and vitamins.

also dysbiosis symptoms in children may resemble colitis (inflammation of the colon).In this case the child unstable chair observed (ie constipation, then diarrhea).In most cases, there is an incomplete emptying of the bowel syndrome: the kid was nervous and restless after using the toilet, but can not explain what he was alarmed.The child accumulates gases, tongue coated bloom.

very serious problem is severe dysbiosis.In this form of the disease thoroughly compromised microflora: it has a large number of already firmly established several species of pathogenic bacteria.

The child from time to time may increase the temperature, he observed headaches, fever and chills.In the afternoon, often there are diarrhea and vomiting, there are cramping in the abdominal area.

should be noted that dysbiosis often affects the child's skin.He has seen a variety of allergic reactions in the form of various rashes that do not respond to treatment.

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