Features of education of children with speech impairments

Speech disorders in children are quite serious problem of our time.This deviation may be a minor whose parents often do not attach importance and the serious (general underdevelopment of speech).Children with speech disorders should take into account the recommendations of experts, which will help in simple cases to fully restore disturbed functions, or as much as possible to adapt to the child's future life in a situation where violations are serious.

Parenting correct pronunciation in

children Quite often there is a situation where the parents before entering school was surprised to learn that their baby does not utter one or more letters, and loved by all burr may prevent high-grade in school.

To avoid this, it is necessary to educate children correct pronunciation.This is due to the fact that even minor violations are not alone and require that speech therapy intervention.

Depending on what speech disorders caused by, sessions with a speech therapist may be of varying duration.This largely depe

nds on the complexity of the anatomical and physiological mechanisms and by the social environment.

As a rule, in most pre-schools involved in the education of the correct pronunciation of children.However, in order that such a problem has arisen before school, parents should consult in advance with a speech therapist, and when necessary to carry out exercises at home.

main causes of the development of speech disorders in children

Traditionally it is considered that the general underdevelopment of speech is a type of speech disorder in which children with normal hearing and primarily safe intelligence there is a violation of the formation of not only soundaspects of speech (phonetics), and semantic (vocabulary and grammar).

Doctors secrete various factors that can cause such deviations.Most often this occurs because of infection, toxemia mothers during pregnancy, during childbirth injury, Rh factor incompatibility of blood of mother and child, the various diseases of the central nervous system, brain injury in infancy, hereditary predisposition.

Children with EPD (general underdevelopment of speech)

There are specific functions of families with children with speech disorders:

  • Rehabilitation and recovery function, which are among the main ones.In this case, the education of children with EPD is aimed at rehabilitation of the child.Parents should follow the recommendations of experts and, depending on the violation, to optimize the physical and mental condition of the child.It is especially important not to miss any opportunity to recover its physical state;
  • emotional acceptance function.The essence of the family is a child in this acceptance, he is by all family members.It is necessary that the child is fully included in the family life.Children with impaired speech is to show love and respect for each family member, so that the child has formed personal maturity, emotional stability and persistence in solving all the problems of life;
  • Correctional and educational function.Love forms the parents of the child with speech disorders motivation to learn.To do this, with the advice of experts to create the necessary conditions - the so-called correctional and educational environment conducive to the development of a child's interest in the world around them.It should also be understood that, given the variations in speech development education of children can not be limited solely educational institutions, even specialized.The active involvement of parents in the education of not only solves the problem of the child, but also conducive to the resolution of internal psychological difficulties parents;
  • adaptive-adapting function.The role of parents in the education of children with speech impairments consists of participation in the process of adaptation as a child to the environment, and the environment to the needs of the child.If family life is filled with love and respect, it will allow the child to learn to be independent in solving many problems of life;
  • socializing functions.Due to the current deviations in development, psychological maturation process usually proceeds more slowly and with difficulty.Therefore, the education of children with EPD should be directed to the child's socialization.The success of this depends on how parents can instill in children an interest in the surrounding adults and peers and a desire for knowledge of the world;
  • professional-labor function.Children with speech disorders should be directed to the formation of labor skills.To begin it is necessary at an early age with basic requirements - cleaning of toys, things and sanitary care for themselves.It is these skills gradually instill in the child a love of work and the need to participate in socially useful activities.Of course, the mastery of a profession in the future will depend on the severity of the disease, however, the task of the parents should do more than limit, and the maximum support and approval of the whole family.

Of course, the education of children with speech impairments require a greater manifestation of love and understanding than in the families, bringing up healthy children.Parents should try to consider the child's talents, to see his individuality and originality.Typically, children with speech disorders often enough to have the ability to be creative.It can be a drawing, modeling, dancing or modeling.It is necessary to help the child to see their talent and develop it, that will help him in the future to increase their self-esteem.

Typical mistakes education of children with speech disorders

rather try to ignore the children in our society with various disabilities than to help them.Unfortunately, such views are often extended to the family, which does not provide the proper level on the education of children with speech impairments.There are a number of basic causes of this attitude:

  • low level of psychological and pedagogical knowledge of parents needed to properly bring up child with speech disorders;
  • Personality characteristics of parents who expressed opposition to the child and his problems;
  • The inability of parents to overcome the stereotypes of society, imposing a certain model of relations to the sick children, which leads to the closure of the parents to their own problems;
  • Difficulties within the family that are related to lack of understanding the role of parents father and mother, incompatible moral positions of parents, unorganized life, the state of their health, financial problems and heavy workload.

This leads to the fact that the child's virtually no notice, and he is left alone with their problems and is completely unprepared for adult life.

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