Dysbacteriosis in children under one year - Symptoms , Treatments

of dysbiosis (dysbiosis) called bowel dysfunction, in which disturbed the balance and ratio of harmful and beneficial bacteria.With the reduction of the number of beneficial microorganisms in the gut develops putrefactive or fermenting fungi form.When dysbacteriosis in children a sense of discomfort in the abdomen appears to year.More recently, goiter was considered a disease, but is now becoming more popular view that the disease is fictitious and non-existent.In infants this state is considered to be quite normal.If dysbiosis symptoms disappeared in a child up to five months, we should see a specialist.Your doctor will help determine the true causes of disorders of the digestive system.Dysbacteriosis in children under one year is often accompanied by a variety of diseases.

Possible causes dysbiosis in monthly child

Dysbacteriosis in monthly child may appear when you later, or poor attachment to the breast.If poor attachment at the time of the baby swallows air breastfeeding.Also, this condition can

occur when a child's mother irrational nutrition, antibiotics.Violation of the functions of the digestive tract can also occur with frequent changes of mixtures sudden weaning, improper introduction of complementary foods.

reason for the development of dysbiosis in children up to one year may be infectious diseases of various origins (viral diarrhea, salmonellosis).This condition can occur when unfavorable environmental conditions, diathesis, allergic reactions.

Microorganisms support vital functions of the human body, but they are easily killed themselves under the influence of external factors.These factors include and antibiotics.

Dysbacteriosis children after antibiotics develops because all antibiotics kill both pathogenic and beneficial bacteria within the limits of its influence.For such preparations, suffer all kinds of intestinal flora bacteria and opportunistic organisms under these conditions can multiply rapidly.And so, gradually developing dysbiosis in children after antibiotics.

Symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis in children

Symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis in children are similar to the symptoms that accompany the problems of the digestive tract.To suspect this condition can occur if a child has diarrhea and constipation, loss of appetite.It is accompanied by dysbiosis and abdominal distention due to accumulation of gas, and cramping pain in the periodic nature of the abdomen.

When violations of intestinal microflora is often observed the so-called "slippage food" when the baby after eating just asking for a pot.This can be seen in the feces undigested food and mucus and bowel movements have an unpleasant odor.

Symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis in children up to one year may be different and allergic reactions (rash and peeling it).

When dysbacteriosis violated the suction function of the intestine, which can then lead to a shortage in the body of the child of minerals and vitamins.The kid can break hair, exfoliate hair, bleeding gums.In general, at the present state of reduced defenses the child's body, the child suffers from the immune system.The weakened body easily penetrate all kinds of infectious and viral diseases.

Diagnostics dysbiosis in children under one year

diagnosis of intestinal dysbiosis will allow to properly assess the quality of the intestinal microflora, the ratio of pathogenic and normal microorganisms in the digestive tract.

Diagnosis of this condition is carried out by means of microbiological analysis of feces.According to the analysis of fecal bacteria can determine the sensitivity to various drugs.This will help you choose the treatment regimen and to select the right drugs.

For this analysis, the parents need to collect about 5-10 grams of feces.The material should not be stored for long periods at room temperature since determine intestinal microflora will be impossible.

To determine the dysbiosis in children under one year and evaluating the activities of the digestive tract is often assigned coprogram.With this method, the ability of the child's intestines can be estimated to digest food, to identify violations of its absorption and digestion.

For this analysis approach and an evening feces, but it must be kept in a glass closed container (in a refrigerator).

dysbiosis treatment in children

For the treatment of dysbiosis in children under one year all drugs should be prescribed by a doctor.Choose the correct treatment regimen and may appoint agents gastroenterologist, pediatrician, infectious disease specialist or allergist.Currently, there are a huge number of drugs for the treatment of dysbiosis.

To restore the intestinal flora are usually assigned enzyme preparations (Bifiform, Bifidumbacterin, Hilak Forte, lactulose).All these preparations contain useful microorganisms.

Sometimes your doctor may prescribe an additional chelators for absorption and excretion of pathogenic bacteria.In special cases, antibiotics (furazolidone, metronidazole, nifuroxazide) appointed by the symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis.To restore the body can also be assigned to vitamin and mineral supplements and immunomodulators.

Prevention of dysbiosis in children under one year

Prevention of dysbiosis must begin not long after the appearance of the child's birth, and even during pregnancy planning.Already in this period, the expectant mother must monitor the state of the microflora of genitals.

After the birth of the baby for the prevention of dysbiosis in children up to a year in a timely manner is very important to start breastfeeding.The probability of a violation of intestinal microflora is significantly reduced with prolonged breast-feeding a baby.

As a child growing up in a feeding helpful to dairy products with bifidobacteria.Often ill children is also useful to give further probiotics.

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