Abortion and pregnancy tests after

abortion - abortion for up to 20-22 weeks of gestation by surgery or medication.Pregnancy triggers a series of physiological changes in a woman's body.Its healthy development provided by the interaction of the glands that produce hypothalamic, pituitary, sex hormones.Termination of pregnancy in any way violates the hormonal level, the restoration of which the body needs a certain time.Why is post-abortion tests can be positive?Do I need to carry out a home test after an abortion?In some cases, a pregnancy test after an abortion can be positive?

Why do post-abortion tests?How does a pregnancy test

Before understanding what a pregnancy after the abortion procedure tests give results, you need to determine what changes occur in a woman during the time of conception and development of the pregnancy, and any mechanisms for determining the pregnancy tests are used in the home.

menstrual cycle of women is governed by a certain ratio of the level of various hormones in the body.Hormones contribute to the ma

turation of the egg, ovulation, growth of the corpus luteum producing progesterone - the hormone needed for normal development of the pregnancy.Upon successful conception, implantation and development of the ovum of his embryonic membranes formed by the placenta, which establishes a close relationship between the developing fetus and the uterine lining, as well as providing food and fruit breath.Placenta also produces certain hormones, which include human chorionic gonadotropin, placental lactogen, prolactin, progesterone, estrogen and other hormones in smaller quantities.

chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone produced by the placenta HCG, which begins to produce the first hours of gestation.HCG doubling every 48 hours and is increased by several thousand times to 7-11 weeks of gestation, and then gradually the level begins to decline, which is the norm.Home pregnancy tests are based on determining the content of high levels of hCG in urine.After the abortion, pregnancy tests can be positive for some time, due to a gradual decrease in the hCG hormone levels in the body after removal of the ovum from the uterus.

After the abortion procedure tests for pregnancy is not recommended, as their result will be false positive.As a rule, after the termination of pregnancy a woman is under medical supervision until the next cycle, which will eliminate and prevent complications after the abortion procedure.Tests conducted in the home, are not informative way to determine the absence of pregnancy after the abortion.Home test can determine the level of a hormone that is greater than the sensitivity of the test.Some patients say that with time post-abortion tests become paler (the result is interpreted as weak positive), then negative, which shows the dynamics of reducing the concentration of hCG in the urine after the abortion.It should be remembered that after the abortion, the tests are not an acceptable method for determining the success of the procedure.Avoid complications after abortion tests can not.What tests are alarming?When to see a doctor, if the test is positive after an abortion?

test after abortion: options norms

After tests abortion procedure can be positive, due to the gradual reduction of the concentration of hCG in women after abortion.Thus, after the abortion test will be positive in the first 24-48 hours after the procedure.HCG level depends on the duration of pregnancy: the later interrupted gestation, the higher the concentration of this hormone in a woman's body, well above the probability that the test will be positive after abortion.

If the abortion test shows a positive or weak positive results, it is recommended to repeat the test at intervals of 2-3 days.If the test after an abortion shows positive results and test strip brighter control, then the woman should see a doctor for advice and additional surveys.After the abortion, tests are not an effective diagnostic method.Typically, a pregnancy test after an abortion is difficult to trace the dynamics of hCG.However, if after 10-14 days after the abortion, the test is positive, it is a wake-up call that requires urgent referral to a specialist.After abortion

positive test: what can say the result on different dates

Although post-abortion tests can show a positive result for a while, what results can be taken are normal, and if no need to see a doctor?

After abortion test positive can be in the following cases:

  • Incomplete abortion - part of the ovum in the uterus remained;
  • routine abortion, ectopic pregnancy - ectopic pregnancy requires abortions on a fundamentally different scheme.In this case, the egg is fertilized outside the uterine cavity, which is cleaned in the conventional abortion resulting fertilized egg is removed;Live
  • developing pregnancy after abortion (medical error);
  • new pregnancy in the first cycle after the abortion.

If after abortion pregnancy test shows, that in such a situation it is important to exclude incomplete abortion, for which a woman must pass a series of tests and undergo ultrasound monitoring.If you were part of the ovum, the post-abortion test can remain positive in the uterus.

Many women are unaware of the fact that immediately after the abortion the body is already capable of a new conception.Losing vigilance, a woman can get pregnant after 10-15 days after the abortion.After a home pregnancy test after an abortion, women can find a positive result.This is possible due to the fact that abortion day in a woman's body begins a new menstrual cycle, as well as a new egg matures.If ovulation occurs unprotected sexual intercourse, the probability of pregnancy is the same as that of healthy women of reproductive age.

If immediately after abortion pregnancy test shows a test and control strips of the same brightness, not the opposite dynamics (test becomes slightly positive, and after being completely negative), then the woman should consult a doctor for analysis.During this period, it is important to rule out ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion or ongoing pregnancy after the abortion.Tests for home pregnancy tests are not 100% reliable diagnostic method, however, can help in time to see a doctor for anxiety symptoms stored pregnancy or development of a new pregnancy after the abortion.

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