How dangerous the flu while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding - the only adequate form physiologically newborn human nutrition.Exclusive breastfeeding recommended by WHO because of the importance of breast milk in the formation of the child's immunity, its healthy development, the normal functioning of its body systems.Breastfeeding involves a chain of complex psycho-physiological reactions of mother and child, his termination entails complex disorders of child development.Influenza breastfeeding does not cause interruption of breastfeeding.Why it is not recommended to discontinue breastfeeding during mother's illness?What is the treatment of influenza is acceptable during lactation?What measures are the prevention of influenza during lactation should be taken?

flu while breastfeeding: the mechanisms of infection and immunization, maternal organism kid

Many breastfeeding women wonder whether to discontinue breastfeeding for various diseases.In autumn and winter the most likely disease is flu.Female body during lactation is most vulnerable to viral

infections of this kind due to the fact that the production of breast milk requires more oxygen, which is an additional load on the respiratory system.However, the flu while breastfeeding is not an indication for termination of breastfeeding.Breast milk acts as a natural protection of the child's body.Women's breast milk contains a wide range of factors immunological protection.His immunoglobulins are specific for the pathogen of the child, due to close contact of mother and child, in which a woman's body in the fall bacteria and other pathogens child.The mother's body produces a specific "individual" immunoglobulins, which are transferred to the mother's milk to the child.

flu, just like any other viral disease, characterized by a certain incubation period (from the time of infection of the organism before the onset of the first symptoms of the disease), which can range from a few hours to 2-3 days.During this period, lactating women is already a source of infection for your child.So, at the time of manifestation of infection in the mother the child has already received the virus from her milk, as well as the necessary antibodies to his body to effectively cope with the virus.

flu while breastfeeding does not require such precautions as exclusion of the child from the sick mother, wearing a gauze bandage, boiling breast milk.In the process of boiling destroys all the components for protection of the natural child of the body, most of the vitamins and minerals contained in breast milk, which affects its nutritional value.And due to the fact that the infection of the baby takes place long before the first symptoms in the mother, the isolation of each other, as well as the use of gauze dressings in contact also it does not make sense.

Studies have shown that children weaned at a time when their mother was transferred to the flu and other diseases, there was a weakening of protective functions of the body, they coped worse with infections in the future.

weaning during the flu in the mother deprived of its natural protective factors, nutrients, and can also have a negative impact on the psycho-emotional state of the child.

During flu while breastfeeding is recommended to feed the baby even in severe forms (expressed milk without heat treatment under severe conditions of women).Influenza breastfeeding may affect the amount of milk, but it is also not the cause of weaning.In the process of healing the body will resume its previous lactation.

flu treatment during lactation: acceptable drugs, traditional treatments

flu while breastfeeding requires a special approach to treatment, since most drugs are incompatible with lactation because of its side effects.Treatment of influenza during lactation does not tolerate independence.When the first symptoms of infection a woman is obliged to immediately consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and the appropriate course of therapy.Each drug used to treat influenza should be taken strictly according to the schedule in accordance with the mode of feeding the baby.This approach helps to avoid treatment of maximal concentrations of the active compounds in breast milk.preparations reception mode and breastfeeding should be drafted in such a way that between the intake of drugs and the next feeding was observed maximum interval.Treatment of influenza breastfeeding implies acceptance of symptomatic drugs.

The main flu symptoms include:

  • Heat - to treat it strictly applies paracetamol dosages prescribed by your doctor;
  • Sore throat - decoction of herbs used for relief of symptoms, hot tea, warm, gargle;
  • Cough - inhalations with herb decoctions;
  • Runny nose - flushing the cavity with salt solutions.

Any treatment during lactation should be agreed with your doctor.Symptomatic treatment is based on the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies.Do not forget about the popular treatments: honey, onion drops, saline and iodine solutions.

What is strictly forbidden to take for the treatment of influenza during lactation:

  • use of drugs that are not compatible with lactation, as well as those in the instructions for which no marks on the admissibility of the drug for treatment of influenza with breastfeeding;
  • take more dosages of prescription drugs for the purpose of speedy convalescence.It should be remembered that most of the drugs prescribed to alleviate the symptomatic complex, rather than treat most viral infections.Increasing the concentration of the drug in breast milk is dangerous for the child.

prevention of influenza during breastfeeding: the main measures

Everyone knows that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.What are the main measures for preventing influenza through breastfeeding?In a potentially dangerous period of the spread of viral infections is necessary: ​​

  • maximum limit contact with potential sources of infection - visiting crowded places (shops, public transport);
  • general strengthening of the body and the natural fortification (vitamin-rich diet for the mother);
  • Airing the apartment and maintain a sufficient level of humidity;
  • healthy lifestyle (good sleep, peace of mind, activity, exposure to fresh air, get rid of bad habits in nutrition as well).Exclusion of life factors adversely affecting the condition of the body (overeating, junk food, sedentary lifestyle), contributes to its improvement and strengthening of protective functions;
  • Observance of personal hygiene.

nonspecific flu prevention techniques for the mother and child to help avoid getting a virus infection or to move it in a more easy manner.

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